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Teach who you are

28 August 2023

At UC Education we'll help you find the teaching approach that works best for you and the tamariki you’ll teach.

Active learning

Just teaching established facts is not the UC way. We actively challenge you with questions, scenarios, and problems, so that you can learn the way to teach that is right for you. You’ll learn critical thinking skills and gain experience so that you will be able to assess a situation and judge which is the correct teaching style for you to use.


Bringing your experiences to the classroom

You’ll learn about the theory, practice, and management of teaching, including the place and role of education, the characteristics of learners, and the teaching-learning process. You’ll also learn about the curriculum taught in schools today to prepare you for the profession of teaching.

You will spend time working in a classroom where you can trial and refine your planning, teaching and management skills. This means finding the best tools and techniques for you to engage with a diverse range of students. Ultimately, you’ll bring your personality and life experiences to the classroom in your own, unique way.

Throughout your teacher training and career you’ll promote your students’ social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. Teaching is about having positive interactions with your students so they develop a lifelong passion for knowledge and learning.

Education story Casey Davis
Casey Davis

Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa
Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Secondary)
Kaiako (Teacher), Kaikōura High School

My teaching philosophy is built around my own values and experiences. Basically, I don’t see myself as a superior in the classroom, I see myself at the same level as the students. My main goal is to build relationships with them. Students buy into you a lot more when they see you as a real person. Going on our first placement they said, “This is you, this is your time. Try things. See what works for you, and what doesn’t.” The opportunity to go on placements allowed us to see who we are in a classroom environment.

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