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Community responsiveness

28 August 2023

UC Education provides many ways to engage with the community, including volunteering at events, practical placements, and community service. You'll get the opportunity to combine community service with academic learning. 



Service-based learning

Preparing you to be valuable members and future leaders of the communities you will work in is a fundamental part of your studies. International research shows that a mixture of community service and academic studies is more effective than either alone. There are teacher shortages in some rural and lower socioeconomic locations, so it’s important that skilled and talented teachers are out in all communities. We are strongly connected with Waitaha Canterbury schools and early childhood centres, as well as a variety of other community- ocused organisations.


Engaged with the community

There are many ways for you to get involved. Our Youth and Community Leadership and Teaching degrees include time in schools and the community . There are professional practice placements and internships. You will be part of Principal Days where you’ll meet principals from around the country to discuss key career skills, school cultures, and employment. There are regular presentations from national and international researchers.

The Bachelor of Youth and Community Leadership degree empowers you to make positive and meaningful contributions in your community. Both the Bachelor’s degree and the Certificate will specifically appeal to iwi and pasifika youth and other cultural leaders; activists aiming to bring about political or social change; humanitarians promoting better wellbeing; and social entrepreneurs.

Finally, all UC students are encouraged to take the CHCH 101 Strengthening Communities through Social Innovation course when possible. Over 1,000 students have contributed over 25,000 hours of service to more than 50 community organisations and government agencies.

Education story Sam Andrist
Sam Andrist

Bachelor of Commerce in Economics

Take every opportunity that comes up. UC is world renowned for its community responsiveness, so take advantage of that! You might raise your hand on a whim and it could turn into a life changing experience. I would really encourage every student to take CHCH 101. The more you get involved, the more likely it is that something amazing will come from it.

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