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BCom double majors, conjoint degrees and double degrees

29 January 2024

At UC you can do a second major as part of your BCom. This is called a double major. Many of our students do a second degree as well as a BCom. This is called a double degree. You might also want to consider a conjoint degree in Product Design or Science. Learn more about our BCom double majors, conjoint degrees, and double degrees.


Double major

Students can study for a second major (called a double major) as part of a BCom. Common majors that combine well include: Accounting and Finance, Economics and Finance, Management and Human Resources, Management and Marketing. Other combinations are also possible. With careful planning, a BCom double major can be completed within three years and with some combinations does not require any additional courses. The strength of a double major is that you specialise in more than one discipline, and have more to offer as a BCom graduate.


Double degree

Many students study for a second degree in addition to a BCom (called a double degree). In particular, a BCom and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is a highly marketable combination. The BCom also combines well with degrees in Arts, Science, Forestry Science and Engineering. It is normally possible to complete the two degrees in five years (some degree combinations may take longer).


Conjoint degree

Students may also wish to consider a conjoint degree in Product Design or Science. The Conjoint Bachelor of Product Design and Commerce and the Conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Science, requires 60 points less than a double degree and will be completed in four years in an intensive format.

  • For advice on double majors, conjoint degrees and double degrees, contact a Student Advisor.
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