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Why study Human Services?

03 November 2023

People working in human services are increasingly expected to have professional training and qualifications. UC's Human Services courses bridge the gap between academic subjects such as Political Science and professional courses like Clinical Psychology. See why studying Human Services might be good for your career.


Human Services meets the needs of people working in the human services who are increasingly expected to have professional training and/or qualifications. The courses bridge the gap between academic courses, such as Sociology and Political Science, and professional courses like Social Work, Speech-Language Therapy, and Clinical Psychology.

Students majoring in subjects such as Psychology, Law, Education, Management and Sociology also have the opportunity to strengthen the human service component of their studies by including HSRV courses. Human Services students can complement their major with courses from other Arts, Science, Law and Commerce subjects.


Careers in Human Services

Our graduates find employment in a wide range of careers including policy analysis, research, administration, management, supervision, community development, youth work, and various types of support work.  


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