Recent Masters and PhD theses

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Masters theses

Name Thesis title
Berliner, Angela A History of Psychology in New Zealand: Early beginnings 1869-1929
Blakely, Megan Born to run: Cognitive effects of trail running
Borlase, Megan The effects of picture and work presentations on recognition and memory accuracy in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Buckley, Russell Sustained attention lapses and behavioural microsleeps during tracking, psychomotor vigilance, and dual tasks”
Carson, Rosemary Adolescent cyberbullying in New Zealand and the implications of parenting styles
Cepe, Milesa The effect of Facebook use, self-discipline and parenting styles on the academic achievement of high school and university students
Clarke, Amy Effects of feeding method on infant sleep consolidation across 12 months
Crerar, Andrew The price of free education: An investigation into the voluntary donation funding system in New Zealand state schools
Desmond, Catherine Generalisation of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) across transfer facilitated and non-facilitated settings
Jones, Ann Parkinson’s Disease, cognitive status and caregiver outcomes
Kioa, Lucy The proportion of youth offenders who receive an additional conviction at a five year follow -up: Testing and developing an actuarial risk model for predicting long-term recidivism
Lee, Samantha The school readiness of children born to mothers maintained on methadone during pregnancy
Li, Tatiana The effects of video technology on parent-implemented functional analysis
Marie, Leila The effect of the Canterbury Earthquake on alcohol consumption
Neff, Andrea Cyberbullying on Facebook: Group composition and effects of content exposure on bystander state hostility
O'Donoghue, Mary Social worker identification of attachment in an ultra high risk cohort
Panich, Wendy Family and personality factors in juvenile delinquency
Perniskie, Ellie Comparison of a virtual-reality test of executive function with standard executive function tests and their ecological validity
Qiu, Peter Dissociation of positive and negative priming effects between more and less proficient Chinese-English bilinguals
Renouf, Charlotte Do the physical effects of ongoing adversity in a natural context accumulate or lessen over time? The case of the Canterbury earthquakes
Robson, Cathy Effects of feedforward video self-modeling on reading fluency and comprehension
Scott, Amber Shame, dissociation and cognition: An experimental investigation
Shephard, Sonia The sociocultural model of eating disorders in New Zealand women: Family food-related experiences and self-compassion as moderators
Snelson, Stephanie Online anxiety treatment programs: Assessment of acceptability to consumers
Sole, Ellen A pilot investigation into the effect of micronutrients on anxiety and stress in Canterbury children: A multiple baseline design
Tang, Qing Acceptability of alternative treatments for problematic gambling
Taylor, Olivia Rehabilitative input and support received by older adults following a mild traumatic brain injury event
Wang, Grace What drivers memory-based attentional capture? An investigation on category-based working memory guidance of visual attention
Wilkinson, Ryan Effect of glucose on the suppression and post-suppression rebound of stereotypes
Woo, Tak Cycling to work: An integrated approach to human decision making


Name Thesis title
Aberhart, Caitlin Inhibitory deficits in rumination: A negative priming experiment
Bedi, Aman The effects of response probability in commission errors in high go low no-go dual response versions of the
Sustained Attention to Response Task (SART)
Bishop, Alana Patients preferences for shared decision making: associations with demographic variables, personality characteristics and characteristics of the health condition
Brett, Frances Effects of spatial visual cue proximity and thalamic lesions on performance of rats on a cheeseboard maze task
Carter, Leonie Is SART a valid measure of lapses of attention or is it a measure of response inhibition? Comparing SART with TFT
Castaneda Caastellanos, Paola Exploring the relationship between chocolate cake-related guilt, eating, and individual differences
Collins, Michelle Effectiveness of cannabidiol in reducing ketamine-induced schizophrenia-like behaviour in both male and female rats
Cotter, Rachel Trace amine associated receptors: A new target for medications in drug addiction
Coullie, Charis Adult psychiatric and offending outcomes of paediatric mild traumatic brain injury: A longitudinal study
Daniel, Jollee Adolescent methylone exposure and its effects on behavioural development in adulthood
Dassanayake, Ashlea Dual dopamine/serotonin treatment approach for addictive behaviour
Davey, Michelle An evaluation of the pre-treatment motivational groups run by the South Island Eating Disorders Service
Davies, Karen Mental health diagnoses in persons with an intellectual disability: How health practitioners overcome
the challenges
Dear, Emma Evaluating motivational interviewing measures of knowledge and skill using training outcome data
Donaldson, Simon The impact of repeated earthquakes on the cognition of Canterbury’s elderly population
Dymond, Sarah Effects of a multinutrient supplement on anxiety, aggression and impulsivity in a normal rat population
Edlin, Shaun Methylene Blue, spatial memory and anterior thalamic lesions relevant to amnesic disorders
Fletcher, Joseph Just world responses toward child victims of physical and sexual abuse"
Gaffikin, Violet The effects of money priming on support of government programmes
Gilmour, Lucy An investigation into the Fantasy Proneness Construct
Goh, Jeremy Parkinson's Disease - Structural integrity of four cognitive networks
Gray, Vanessas Chronic use of three types of antidepressants and their effects on memory and anxiety in male and female rats
Grenfell, Sophie Autobiographical memory and the default mode network in mild cognitive impairment”
Grimm, Carsten Well-being in its natural habitat: Orientations to happiness and the experience of everyday activities
Hamilton, Jennifer Deep brain stimulation of the nucleus accumbens for treatment of cocaine addiction
Haq, Sahina Lesions of the dorsal medial hippocampus induce different forms of repetitive behaviour in the rat
Harris, Amy Examination of micronutrients for children: Their composition, the role they play in psychological well-being and parents' motivations for purchasing
Harrison, Rachel Micronutrient treatment for adolescents with severe mood dysregulation
Havell, Esma Predictging psychological responses after the February 22nd Christchurch earthquake: Peritraumatic dissociation, posttraumatic stress symptoms, anxiety depression, and social isolation
Hooper, Ashleigh Dissociation, perceptual processing and conceptual processing in survivors of the Christchurch earthquakes 2011
Hubbard, Greg Why we should expect success: The impact of priming self -expectancy on academic performance
Huang, Judy Inhibition-based fan effect in children engaged in letter and colour blob faker tests
Kant, Patricia The number race: An efficacy study of an adaptive software in 5– to 7-year-old New Zealand children with low numeracy
Kay, Ellie Social facilitation in national basketball teams
Kleinbichler, Jaimee The type and frequency of metacognitions in women dieting, not dieting and with Anorexia Nervosa
Knox, Andrew The effects of cooling the head to reduce brain temperature on stress
Kolyaduke, Olya Long-term effects of MDMS administration in rats during early and late adolescence
Lang, Charlene The relationship between depressive symptoms, rumination, and sensitivity to emotion specified in facial expressions
Lean, Rachel The mental health outcomes of children born to methadone dependent mothers: The role of out-of-home care at age 4.5 years
Le Page, Carol A theoretical investigation of the psychoanalytic process—working through
Lothian, Joanna A pilot investigation into the effect of a micronutrient supplement on symptoms of insomnia in an adult population
Maguire, James Using video self-modelling to improve the reading attitudes of students with Dyslexia
Madrzejewska, Kasia Disagreement in the reporting of depressive symptoms between psychogeriatric patients and their family informants
Mann, Nicholas Similarities and differences between interpartner abuse and criminal offending: An examination of later structure and predictors
McKendry, Hadyn Eye gaze diversion and dissociation in internal and external shame: A script-driven procedure
Mercer, Stephanie Enrichment facilitates recovery of spatial memory but not retrosplenial immediate gene hypoactivation after anterior thalamic lesions
Montgomery-Honger, Argene Parental stress following the birth of a very preterm infant admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit: Maternal, paternal and staff perceptions of stress
Moore, Lucy A comparison of offence history and postrelease outcomes for sexual offenders against children in New Zealand who attended or did not attend the Kia Marama Special Treatment Unit
Moss, Hannah Body dissatisfaction in adolescents with eating disorders: Associations with maladaptive perfectionism and anxiety
Muir, Karin A comparison of the recognition of facial emotion in women of low body weight, both with and without Anorexia Nervosa
Muller, Jonathan Analysis of Kiwisaver and investment fund choice behaviour
Naismith-Thomass, Phoebe Effects of dietary micronutrient supplantation on the development of emotionality and anxiety in a normal rat population
Neame, Margo Process of health behaviour change: Is Change Talk associated with diabetes outcome? A pilot study of Motivational Interviewing
O'Leary, James The role of the dentate gyrus and adult neurogenesis in hippocampal-basal ganglia associated behaviour
Otto, Maria Sex differences in the ageing rat: The effect of caffeine and glucose, along and combined, on olfactory memory
Peck, Rowan Detachment versus compartmentalisation: Priming and intrusion levels for listening to an anxiety—Arousing Auditory Re- port
Perry, Brook Unimpaired spatial working memory following mammillothalamic damage in rats: Implications for the neuroanatomy of memory
Pick, Christina The association between alexithymia, impulsivity and negative affect in emotional and external eating
Rapley, Susan Investigation of C-type natgriuretic peptide in the intact rat brain under formal and informal learning conditions
Richardson, Michael Blood-cement: Does liking for and compliance to authority increase after killing?
Ritchie, Kirsten The mental health and parenting practices of recently separated parents
Robinson, Timothy Cool, calm and collected: The buffering effect of head cooling on stress
Ross, Hayden The effect of disruptions on vigilance
Rowlands, Amy Investigating the relationship between depression and psychosocial factors after the Canterbury 2011 earthquakes in New Zealand
Scrimgeour, Laura Digital persuasion: Effects of web-based information and beliefs on meat consumption attitudes and intentions
Stevens, Christopher Child sexual offender’s recognition of facial affect: Are offenders less sensitive to emotions in children?
Stringer, Jamie The effect of prenatal methadone exposure on child adaptive behaviour and its association with caregivers parenting and general everyday stress
Tarr, Katherine Mathematical achievement at age nine years of children born very pre-term
Urmson, Kayleigh Asking for help after a natural disaster: Does socio-economic status play a part
Uthamaputhiran, Vineetha The MoCa and ADL items separate mild cognitive impairment and dementia in Parkinson’s Disease
Wang, Tim Fonts and fluency: The effects of typeface familiarity, appropriateness and personality on reader judgements
Wilson, Octavia Predictors of primary caregiving for young children among New Zealand fathers
Wilson, Shannae Effects of sleep-state organisation of a behavioural intervention for Infant Sleep Disturbance
Woolhouse, Rachel Women in prison with traumatic brain injury (TBI): Prevalence, mechanism and impact on mental
Young, Bob Experimental neuropsychological tests of feature ambiguity, attention and structural learning: Associates with white matter microstructural integrity in elderly with amnesic and vascular mild cognitive impairment


Applied Psychology dissertations

Name  Dissertation title
Barber, Richard "Media Richness and Feedback Seeking Behaviours"
Crowe, Lydia "Validation of the Safety Behaviour Test: Criterion Related Validity Evidence"
Dennis, Sophie  "Examining Supervisor Impact on Support Workers' Wellbeing and Service Quality"
Drysdale, Jessica  "Safety Outcomes Associated with New Employee Classification: The Impact of Expectations and Experience"
Hodges, Samara "The Effect of Relationship Strength on Safety Voicing"
Mayes, Jordan "Organisational Factors that Influence Participation in a Wellbeing Initiative"
McLaughlin, Rebecca "Examining Isolation and Commitment as Mechanisms by which Remote Work Influences Subsequent Individual and Organisational Outcomes "
Quek, Darrell "Dirty Work: Who Decides Who Does It?"
Roddick, Danny  "The Relationship Between Perceived Co-work Loafing and Elements of Work Plus the Role of Protestant Work Ethic"
Ryder, Samantha  "Empowering Leadership: An Examination of Fit with Individual Needs"
Sim, Joshua "The Effect of Team Learning Behaviours on Team Effectiveness in Virtual Teams"
Smith, Shannon "Investigating the Moderating Effects of Social Support and Prohibitive Voice on Wellbeing Outcomes Experienced by Support Workers Facing"
Thomas, Kristy "Validation of the SBT (Safety Behaviour Test): The Impact of Individual Characteristics on SBT Use and Performance"
Ye, Qian  "Extending Research on Technostress: Exploring the Moderating Effects of Techno-savvy and the Proactive Personality on the Relationship Between Technostress and Job Satisfaction and Stress"
Name  Dissertation title
Abbott, Mary "Authenticity at work from a person-environment fit perspective"
Coles, Nicholas "The relationship between supervisor support and new employee safety behaviour"
Connell, Philippa "Making the most of work resources: The moderating effect of regulatory focus on resilience development"
Glover, Katherine "Why Risk Helping? An Investigation into the Relationship between Safety and Two Motivators of New New Employees Helping Behaviour"
Goodwin, Thomas "Wellbeing and gamification: Evaluating the game in the wellbeing game"
Harju, Saara "After the Quakes: Canterbury Residents' Perceptions of Rebuild Contractors"
Hay, Catherine "Time management behaviours and their transfer between workplace and exercise settings"
Jones, Chloe "Air traffic control: To what extent can we predict performance based on personality?"
Marwick, Danielle "The Effect of Psychological Safety on Safety Voice"
Munnik, Annabelle  "Human Factors Issues in Emergency Response Communication"
Tither, Simon "Employee value proposition fit, employee motivation and organisational outcomes"
Name  Dissertation title
Adams, Sarah "Safety risks associated with helping reciprocity: influences of the initial helping source"
Batt, Alexandra "Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Information in Recruitment Advertisements on Job Seeker Attraction"
Clarke, Emma "Communication and trust: the effect of organisational commitment and change process perceptions on change attitudes"
Crossen, Luke "Self-leadership, leadership styles, and employee engagement: testing moderation models"
Davies, Adam "An experimental evaluation of people's reactions to differing levels of safety hazards in an office environment"
Hansen, Emma "The effects of mindfulness on work-related stress, wellbeing, recovery quality, and employee resilience"
Holstein, Matt "Examining change process perceptions and proximal readiness for organisational change: The moderating effect of distal readiness"
Jennings, Julian "Do Essentialists Benefit from Multicultural Experience?"
Keenam, Alexis "Employee Wellbeing: Evaluating The Wellbeing Game in Two Settings"
Lea, Johanna "The effects of exclusion by a robot on self-esteem and prosocial behaviour"
Lucas-D'Souza, Corinne "Unemployment as a screening device? : the effect of unemployment status on selection decisions among New Zealand recruiters"
Rasmusen, Anthony (Bob) "Tackling the relationship between self-efficacy and performance in rugby"
Shackleton, Rachel "An examination of different measures of work experience, and the relationship between previous experience and safety"
Sletcher, Jessica "The backlash of forward thinking: the relationship between gender quota beliefs and attitudes towards women"
Thomas, Anton "Construct validation of the Hazard Awareness Test (HAT)"
Tonkin, Karen "Building Employee Resilient through Wellbeing in Organisations"
Name Dissertation title
Anindya, Zhania “The relationship between policies availability, policies awareness and supervisor support to employee work-life balance and work-family conflict”
Bolton, Katharine “Role based trust: The effect of collector identification on trust and donating behaviours”
Dediu, Anna “Tall Poppy Syndrome and its effect on work performance”
Hancock, Nicola “Symbols of recovery: The impact of earthquake images on vigilance”
Jamieson, Tessa “Do employee resilience and autonomy buffer the negative effects of work demands?"
Li, Cherry “Psychological contract fulfilment, employability and work attitudes”
Nguyen, Queyn “The relationship between leader’s behaviours and employee resilience: The moderating roles of personality traits”
Nichol, Amelia “Examining employees perceptions of workplace health and well-being promotion initiatives”
Pawsey, Fleur “Fit employees: Fit organistions: What happens when organisations support employees in their personal fitness goals?"
Seyb, Stella “Emotional appeals: The effects of donation button design on donor behaviour"
Woodham, Alexander “The use of head mounted (HMDs) in high-angle climbing"
Name Dissertation title
Bissett, Megan "The role of values and value congruence for job satisfaction, person organisation fit, work engagement and resilience"
Flood, Georgia "The impact of emotional stimuli on visuo-spatial vigilance and self-reported state"
Goss, Simon "The effects of robot-canine facial morphology manipulation on perceptions"
Hodliffe, Morgana "The Development and Validation of the Employee Resilience Scale (EmpRes): The Conceptualisation of a New Model"
Hsueh, Mark "Trolling: the effects of social influence on online discrimination"
Kendall, Jessie "Does physical attractiveness and sex impact decisions in a threat detection task?"
Lu, Sam "Safety Voicing: The impact of job insecurity and the differences in severity of safety concerns"
Rae, Sonja "Investigating Burnout among University Students in a Post-Disaster Environment: Was there enough Support?"
Roberts, Abigail "Workplace attitudes among offshore team members"
Suebwongpat, Im "The Role of HRM System and Organisational Culture in Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance"
Name Dissertation title
Beckingsale, Alicia "Economic Diamonds: Maori values and organisational attitudes and behaviours"
Bergler, Hans Ulrich "Work Related Effects of an Awareness Training Programme: An investigation into training transfer and applicable criterion measures"
Bockett, Amanda "Investigating the Antecedents of Teacher Burnout and its impacts on Turnover Intentions in a Post disaster Context"
Brawley, Courtenay "Workplace Demands and occupational stress, interactive processes of decision authority skill discretion and core self evalutions" 
Densem, Christopher "Work Hard, Play Hard: Antecedents and Barriers to Decreased Work Ruminations"
Hill, Anna "Workplace Safety Orientation : The Construct Validation of a New Measure"
Keivom-Lockhart, Jaiselmer "The Relationship between Situational Optimism/Pessimism and Donating Intentions"
Ong, Michael "Gamification and its effect on employee engagement and performance in a perceptual diagnosis task"
Reilly, Hannah "Employee Strain and Absenteeism as a consequence of the Christchurch Earthquake: A replication and extension of previous research"
Riley, Jordyn "The Role of Recruitment Expectations and Organisational Trust in Volunteer Organisations"
Rowe, Kate "The role of psychological capital in the relationship between new career orientations and organisational attitudes"
Sellers, James "Team workload questionnaire TWLQ Development and assessment of a subjective measure of team workload"
Shaw, Elizabeth "Use of spot the difference puzzles as a measure of occupational safety orientation"
Name Dissertation title
Banks, Matthew "Organizational citizenship behaviours in high-risk industries: An investigation into effects on occupational safety" 
Bowe, Charlotte "Exercise for stress management: The role of outcome expectancy" 
Burton, Kimberley "The Effects of Cultural, Demographic and Occupational Variables on Individuals' Work Values and Preference for Workplace Reward Type and Allocation" 
Byers, Emily "Evaluation of the Impact that Teacher Targeted Bullying has on Indivudual Safety Perceptions and Stress" 
Coom, Michael "The Effect of Physical Activity on Work Engagement and Resilience Among Corporate Employees" 
Cottle, Cassandra "A Safety Exit Interview: Could there be safety gains?" 
de Joux, Neil "A Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study of Sustained Attention to Local and Global Target Features" 
Dercho, Aliette "Exploring antecedents of philanthropic behaviours towards nonprofit organisations: The role of perceived organisational reputation, perceived knowledge of the organisation, and referent others’ behavioural intent" 
Green, Alexander "Dual-Task Performance During Traverse Climbing: Human Factors Implications for Emergency-Response Organisations" 
MacGibbon, David "An investigation into the effects of perceptions of person-team fit during online recruitment; and the uses of clickstream data associated with this medium" 
McKay, Kali "The Effect of Commitment, Communication and Participation on Resistance to Change: The Role of Change Readiness"
Pearce, Megan "Safety Climate, Safety Behaviours and Control: An Application of the Job Demand-Control model to Occupational Safety"
Seremetovs, Nikita "Insight into Termination Process in New Zealand: Productivity and Accuracy under the Threat of Job Loss" 
Walls, Frances "Dual-response approach to work stress: An investigation of organisational stressors, individual moderators and wellbeing outcomes" 
Williams, Skye "On-line Donor Behaviour: Proportional Donation Distribution between Administration Expenditure and Service Delivery"
Name Dissertation title
Blackmore, Caroline "Job insecurity and its antecedents" 
Condon, Ryan "The relationship between self-awareness and leadership: Extending measurement and conceptualisation" 
Dwan, Alexander "The effects of age, sex and education level on air traffic control training outcomes" 
Hopkins, Nicole "Ethical differences in ethical decision making" 
Macdonald, Joanne "Implicit and explicit attitudes towards older workers and their relationship with behaviour" 
Ossowski, Ulrike  "Performance in emotionally stressful tasks: An investigation into potential sex differences" 
Sawers, Andrew "The effects of perceived supervisor support, organisational justice, and change management strategies in the context of organisational restructuring" 
Schouten, Linda "The impact of caregiver employment experiences and support on adolescents' work ethics" 
Stevenson, Hugh  "The effect of task and target characteristics on the vigilance decrement" 
Styles, Liana "An investigation into the effect of providing employees with a pedometer on overall exercise levels, barriers to physical activity, stress, and satisfaction with work and life" 
Wallis, Danielle "A comparison of safety between new recruits and employers"
Name Dissertation title
Deering, Katherine "The contributions and effects of age on mentoring relationships within an academic setting" 
Fraser, Kimbal "Employee ownership and preferences for organisational control" 
Gibbons, Sophie "The effects of a non-profit agency website donation button design on aid agency trust and donation compliance" 
Hislop, Hannah "Turnover, trust and safety in teams in high-risk industries" 
McLean, Alice "An investigation of fatal attractions in careers" 
McGuigan, Courtney "Generation and career concern: Their impact on perceptions and employability and job insecurity in a changing employment context" 
McMillan, Brodie "On our side: A grounded theory of manager support in a prison setting" 
O'Connell, Michael  "Gender, power and mate value: The evolutionary psychology of sexual harassment" 
Williams, Samuel "The implications of pre-work safety expectations for workplace accident prevention"
Name Dissertation title
Bateman, Gemma “Employee perceptions of co-worker support and its effect on job satisfaction, work stress and intention to quit” 
Bell, Hilary “Funding the Golden Age: The effect of financial planning choices on retirement satisfaction” 
Black, Oliver “The impact of work self-efficacy and cultural intelligence in predicting cross-cultural adjustment of expatriates” 
Bowler, Sarah “Public attitudes and transport infrastructure” 
Catto, Nicholas “The use of the Fifteen Factor Questionnaire as a pre-selection tool: Differential item functioning based on gender and ethnicity” 
Clifford, Kieran “Commercial jet boat driver performance and job satisfaction: An exploration into potential predictors” 
Hellmann, Mychelle “Evaluation of the impact of a uniform change in an organization on staff and clients”
Holmes, Samantha “Planning for interruptions in future task time allocations: Influence of risk buffers on the Segmentation Effect”
Howden, Michael “The role of Protean and Boundary-less career perception on employee participation in learning/development” 
Marentette, Patrick “An evaluation of the Kia Marama Treatment Programme” 
Stevenson, Renee “Predictors of safety communication in work teams” 
Wallace, Belinda “Bullying the boss: Upwards bullying as a response to destructive supervisory leadership” 
Whalan, Kate “An exploration into the effects of physical activity on health, work stress and job satisfaction” 
Zhou, Dan “Modelling job applicant decision-making”
Name Dissertation title
Ayrton, Nicole "Clarifying the contribution of self-control and impulsivity personality traits to the prediction of academic performance"  
Branch, Sarah “The effects of organisational work-life balance initiatives on accountants in New Zealand"  
Brown, Caroline "Intentions to turnover: A field study investigating possible antecedents" 
Campbell, Kate "Realistic team preview and person team fit: The impact on applicant acceptance intentions and recruitment attitudes" 
Clayton, Anna “Maxwell's philosophy of wisdom and psychology”  
Fourie, Martin “A risk worth taking? An examination of driver hand position as a risk taking behaviour” 
Furneaux, Laura "Factors influencing the severity and duration of jet lag symptoms: An exploratory analysis"  
Ganev, Jennifer "Temporal discounting and career related decision making" 
Grace, Gary “An investigation into the structure of workaholism: The design of a new measure, tested against key antecedents and consequences” 
Hayes, Peter "An exploration of the antecedents and consequences of safety citizenship amongst New Zealand forestry workers"  
James, Rebecca “Changing the strength of implicit associations between males and science relative to females and science: A comparison of alternative methods”  
Keys, Yvette "The impact of virtuality on work outcomes and organizational attractiveness" 
Lawton, Katie "Towards further understanding of determinants of employee benefit preferences: Joint effects of personality, work values, and demographics" 
Lin, Meng “Examining an integrated model of time management behaviours among university students”  
McIntyre, Sara "Applicant evaluations of job advertisements: The effects of including team member photographs on organizational trust, applicant attraction, job pursuit and website access intentions" 
Melhuish, Lynne “Volitional competency: Conceptual development of a scale to measure volition in supervisors and managers” 
Muirhead, Kaleena “Why is the PO Fit-Turnover Intentions Relationship so small? Personality facets as potential moderators”  
Nicholson, Eileen “Money talks, but why isn’t it talked about? Income secrecy, materialism, money retention, and shame”
Nye, David “The impact of the inclusion of diversity and equal employment opportunity statements in a recruitment advertisement on perception of organizational attractiveness by Asian and Caucasian job seekers”  
O'Malley, Jayne "The long hours culture and social status in New Zealand accountants"  
Prebble, Yvette "An investigation of the effect of relationship strength on concern for other's safety"  
Sommerville, Susannah “Biographical information and personality as predictors of employees' adjustment to international relocation”  
Stephenson, Andrew "Coping with cross-cultural job transitions: Testing a model of mediated moderation"  
Stewart, Heather “The influence of architectural design on visitors' use of space in an art gallery”  
Sutton, Geoff “Turnover intentions and its antecedents: A multi-level analysis of workplace attitudes” 
Tatom, Scott “Evaluating the relative effect of subconscious priming and goal setting on performance in comparison to effect of dispositions on performance” 
Wall, Gabrielle "Status in the staffroom: Intro-occupational indicators of status for New Zealand secondary school teachers"
Name Dissertation title
Bojilova, Alexandrina "Organisational attitudes and behaviours in post-communist Europe: A comparative study between Serbia, Bulgaria and New Zealand"  
Brocklehurst, Jeremy "The spontaneous categorisation of targets based on the genuine versus posed smile distinction"  
Crowhen, Shane "Identifying organizational stressors, effects and individual differences in professional rugby players: Anexploratory study" 
Evers, Patricia "The impact of diversity and equal employment opportunity statements in recruitment advertisements on job-seekers perceptions of organisational attractiveness" 
Fay, Andrew "A meta-analytic investigation of the lower order facets of extraversion in the prediction of workplace outcomes"  
Haig, Rebecca "Personality predictors of effective leadership: A field study investigating the personality scales of the California Psychological Inventory Performance in an New Zealand agricultural organisation"  
Haultain, Steve "Attitudes towards debt: Secondary school students' perceptions of student debt in New Zealand" 
Koncz, Gabrielle "Openness to experience and performance: A meta-analytic investigation" 
Longley, Andrew "The development of a lower-order facet personality measure of Openness-to-Experience" 
Maxwell, Katrina "The impact of facial expressions on evaluations of job applicants for differing job types in the screening phase of the occupational process"
McFadden, Gretchen "Caring about co-workers safety: An investigation of possible antecedents"
Morris, Mina "Lower-order facets of extraversion: Neuroticism and agreeableness: Clarifying the ambiguity" 
Oolders, Tania "Cultural intelligence: A theoretical rationale and an empirical investigation of its role as a mediator between openness to experience and adaptive performance"
Rawson, Rebekah "Student debt and graduate decision-making" 
Vining, Elizabeth "The effect of applicant physical attractiveness and applicant ethnicity on evaluations of Asian and Caucasian job applicants in the initial phase of the selection process" 
Williams, Alexandra "An empirical validation of a new latent trait approach to Person-Organisation Fit Measurement" 

PhD theses

Name Thesis title
Dr Kyle Wilson “Friendly fire and the sustained attention to response task”. His oral examiner was Professor David David O'Hare (University of Otago). Dr Victor Finomore (U.S. Air Force Academy) was the international examiner. The thesis was completed under the supervision of Professor Deak Helton and Associate Professor Katharina Naswall. The oral chair was Professor Bain Haig.
Dr Lin Li "Cross-language negative priming from unattended number words: Extension to a non-alphabetic language". His oral examiner was Dr Liana Machado (University of Otago). Associate professor Ellick Wong (Chinese University of Hong Knog) was the international examiner. The thesis was completed under the supervision of Dr Zhe Chen and Dr Ewald Neumann. The oral chair was Professor Simon Kemp.
Dr Lara Aitchison “The behavioural implications of postnatal exposure to benzylpiperazine and methamphetamine—a longitudinal dose-related study in male and female rats”. Her oral examiner was Professor David Harper (Victoria University of Wellington). Professor Charles Vorhees (University of Cincinnati) was the international examiner. The thesis was completed under the supervision of Professor Rob Hughes and Associate Professor Roeline Kuijer was the oral chair.
Dr Neil de Joux “Local-Global feature discrimination: How configural elements of visual stimuli impact sustained attention”. The oral examiner was Professor Stuart Carr from Massey University. Dr Tyler Shaw of George Mason University, USA, was the international examiner. The thesis was completed under the supervision of Professor Deak Helton and Paul Russell. The oral chair of the examination was Assoc. Prof. Katharina Naswall.
Dr Victoria Escaip “The acquisition of phrasal vocabulary by native and non-native speakers of three major Western languages: Spanish, English, and French”. Her oral examiner was Dr Anna Siyanova (Victoria University of Wellington). Professor Antonio Pamies (University of Granada) was the international examiner. The thesis was completed under the supervision of Professor Kon Kuijer and Professor Neville Blampied was the chair.
Dr Kirsten Ritchie “The social competence of children born very preterm at age 12 years”. The oral examiner was Professor Janis Paterson from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and the second examiner was Professor Vanessa Green from Victoria University of Wellington (formerly of the University of Queensland). The thesis was begun under the supervision of Professor Lianne Woodward, with assistance from Dr Jacki Henderson, and completed under the supervision of Professor Neville Blampied and Associate Professor Roeline Kuijer. The oral chair of the examination was Assoc. Prof. Katharina Naswall.
Name Thesis title
Dr Heather Gordon “An investigation into the effects of micronutrients on mood and behaviour in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): A pilot study using a single case ABABA design with six-month follow-up”. Her examiners were Professor Mary Fristad (Ohio State University), and Professor Andrew Scholey (Swinburne University). Her primary supervisor was Professor Julia Rucklidge and her associate supervisor was Professor Neville Bloampied.
Dr Emma Marshall “The impact of the Canterbury, New Zealand, earthquakes on couples’ relationship quality: A dyadic and longitudinal investigation”. Her examiners were Professor Carolyn Cutrona (Iowa State University), and Dr Gery Karantzas (Deakin University). Emma’s primary supervisor was Associate Professor Roeline Kuijer and her associate supervisors were Professor Jeffry Simpson (University of Minnesota) and Professor Neville Blampied. Professor Brian Haig was the Oral Chair.
Dr Louella Orillaza “Attachment, illness perceptions, and health outcomes: The mediating role of support-seeking, supportive, and negative interactions in couples experiencing Type 2 Diabetes”. Louella's examiners were Professor Christine Stephens (Massey University) and Associate Professor Kerry Sherman (Macquarie University). Louella’s primary supervisor was Associate Professor Roeline Kuijer, and Professor Garth Fletcher was her associate supervisor.
Dr James Perry "Progesterone and the striatal6-hydroxydopamine model of Parkinson's Disease". His examiners were Dr Jian Guan (Liggins Institute, University of Auckland), and Dr Iqbal Sayeed (Emory University). James' primary supervisor was Professor John Dalrymple-Alford, and his associate supervisor was Professor Rob Hughes.
Dr Amy Romijn “Efficacy of a probiotic supplement as an intervention for the symptoms of depression: A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial, open label extension and 6 month follow-up”. Amy's examiners were Associate Professor Felice Jacka (Deakin University), and Professor David Benton (Swansea University). Her primary supervisor was Professor Julia Rucklidge. Associate Professor Katharina Naswall was the Oral Chair.
Dr Amy Wang “Cognitive enrichment in patients with mild cognitive impairment”. Amy's examiners were Dr Donel Martin (Sydney Neurostimulation Centre), and Associate Professor Suzanne Barker-Collo (University of Auckland). Her primary supervisor was Professor John Dalrymple-Alford, and her associate supervisor was Professor Tim Anderson (University of Otago, Christchurch).
Name Thesis title
Dr Jacqui Tither “Influence of family disruption/father absence on daughters’ age of menarche: A genetically and environmentally controlled sibling comparison study”. Jacqui's oral examiner was Professor Tony Ward (Victoria University of Wellington) and her internal examiner (and also her Supervisor) was Professor Brian Haig; overseas examiner was Professor Elizabeth Susman (Pennysylvania State University).
Name Thesis title
Dr Johannah Betman "Expanding rumination: An investigation into the contributors to and emotional and interpersonal consequences of ruminative thought”. The examiners, Assoc. Prof. Jamin Halberstadt (University of Otago) and Dr Lee Kannis (University of the Sunshine Coast) commended the thesis. Johannah’s primary supervisor was Assoc. Prof. Janet Carter (UC) and her co-supervisor was Dr Kumari Fernando. Assoc. Prof. Deak Helton (UC) was the oral chair.
Dr Nadia Borlase "The thalamus in Parkinson's Disease". Nadia was supervised by Professor John Dalyrmple-Alford, (UC), Professor Tim Anderson and Dr Tracy Melzer of the New Zealand Brain Research Institute.
Dr Jessica Boyce “Experimental exposure to ideal-body media images: Restrained eaters’ self-evaluation, mood and food intake"; highly commended by her examiners, Assistant Professor Catharine Evers (Utrecht University), and Professor Marika Tiggemann (Flinders University). Jessica’s primary supervisor was Dr Roeline Kuijer (UC) and her associate supervisor was Professor David Gleaves (ex UC, now University of South Australia). Professor Brian Haig (UC) was the Oral Chair.
Dr Jason Brown “The impact of lifetime ADHD on neuropsy-chological functioning in young adults with bipolar disorder: A comparison of Bipolar Disorder with and without childhood ADHD, ADHD and control group”; commended by the examiners, Dr Audrey McKinlay (Monash University, Australia) and Professor Maggie Toplak (York University, Canada). Jason’s primary supervisor was Assoc. Prof. Janet Carter (UC), and his associate supervisors were Professor Julia Rucklidge (UC) and Professor Peter Joyce (University of Otago). Dr Katharina Naswall (UC) as the oral chair.
Dr Bruce Harland Dr Bruce Harland - thesis entitled "Recovery of function after lesions of the anterior thalamic nuclei: CA1 neuromorphology". The examiners were Professor Mike Colombo, University of Otago and Professor Jean-Christophe Casel, from Strasbourg. Dr Juan Canales (UC) was the Chair. Bruce's thesis was supervised by Professor John Dalrymple-Alford (UC) and Associate Professor Anthony McLean (UC).
Dr James Head "An empirical investigation of text-speak processing". James thesis was highly commended by his examiners, Professor Tyler Shaw (George Mason University), and Professor Stuart Carr (Massey University). James' primary supervisor was Dr Ewald Neumann and his associate supervisors were Professor Deak Helton and Paul Russell.
Dr Lehan Stemmet "General and specific avoidance coping: The deveolopment and validation of a new scale". Lehan's thesis was examined by Professor Yvonne Birks, York Univerity (as the International Examiner) and Dr Dianne Gardner, Massey University (as the Oral Examiner). His supervisors were Dr Derek Roger (Psychology Dept Adjunct) and Dr Joanna Kuntz
Dr Mairin Taylor “Risk-taking and psychosocial func¬tioning in adults with at-tention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder”. Mairin's thesis was commended by her examiners, Professor Gail Tripp (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology), Professor John Reid (University of Auckland) and Professor Martin Dorahy (UC). Mairin’s primary supervisor was Associate Professor Julia Rucklidge, and her associate supervisor was Dr Roeline Kuijer; Professor Haig was the oral chair.
Name Thesis title
Dr Samudragupta Bora “Behavioural adjustment sequelae in children born very preterm: Measurement issues and neonatan neurological correlates”. Sam's thesis was highly commended by his examiners, Dr Chiara Nosarti (Institute of Psychiatry, London), and Associate Professor Karen Waldie (University of Auckland). Sam’s primary supervisor was Professor Lianne Woodward, and his associate supervisors were Dr Verena Pritchard (ex UC staff) and Dr Zhe Chen. Professor Haig was the Oral Chair.
Dr Zhijie (Jerry) Dai “Delay discounting, probability discounting, reward contrast and gambling: A cross-cultural study”. Jerry very ably defended his Doctoral thesis via videoconference. He was supervised by Professor Randolph Grace. His oral examiner was Dr Lewis Bizo from the University of Waikato.
Dr Sebastian Koenig “Virtual Reality Rehabilitation of Spatial Abilities after Brain Damage”. Supervisor: Professor John Dalyrmple-Alford
Dr Brad Miles “Social perception of the human voice: Perceiver attunement to the vocal specification of speaker physical characteristics”; commended by his examiners, Professor David Feinberg (McMaster University, Canada), and Associate Professor Jamin Halberstadt (University of Otago). Brad’s primary supervisor was Professor Lucy Johnston, and his Associate Supervisor was Professor Brian Haig.
Name Thesis title
Dr Alison Davie-Gray "The early development and family environments of children born to mothers engaged in methadone maintenance treatment during pregnancy". Her examiners, Dr Trecia Wouldes (University of Auckland) and Dr Marjorie Beeghly (Wayne State University) both recommended the degree be awarded. Alison's supervisor was Professor Lianne Woodward (ex UC staff, presently Adjunct in the Psychology Dept.,UC).
Dr Petra Hoggarth "Prediction of driving ability in healthy older adults and adults with Alzheimer's dementia and mild cognitive impairment" the external examiners, Dr Maria Schulteis (Drexel University) and Professor Kathryn McPherson (AUT) recommended the degree be awarded. Her supervisors were Professor John Dalrymple-Alford, Dr Richard Jones and Carrie Innes.
Dr Aaron Jarden "Relationships between personal values, and depressed mood and subjective wellbeing" was highly commended by his examiners, Dr Michael Allen (University of Sydney) and Associate Professor Mark Wilson (Victoria University of Wellington. Aaron's primary supervisor was Professor Simon Kemp.
Dr Julianne Wilcke "An evaluation of means of inquiry into the biological evolution of consciousness", successfull and ably defended her PhD thesis in January. The examiners comended Juliane for the originality and creativity of her work, and recommended that her thesis be accepted after some monor revisions were made. The examiners were Dr Anthony Atkinson (Durham University) and Professor Tony Ward (Victoria University of Wellington). Juliane's primary supervisor was Professor Brian Haig and her associate supervisor was Dr Kevin Moore (Lincoln University).
Name Thesis title
Dr Averil Worner "Tactile communication across the first year of life: The complexity of naturalistic dyadic patterns and effects of contextual, age and affectual factors". Averil was commended by her examiners for her mature knowledge of the topic area. The external examiners were Professor Lynne Sanford Koester (University of Montana) and Associate Professor Nathan Consedine (University of Auckland). Averils primary supervisor was Professor Ken Strongman.
Dr Gabrielle Wall "What affects student achievement?" was commended by her external examiners Professor Fred Oswald (Rice Unversity) and Dr Richard Fletcher (Massey University). Her supervisors were Professor Simon Kemp and Professor John Hattie (University of Auckland)
Dr Annette Dunham “Knowledge management in the context of an ageing workforce: Organizational memory and mentoring”, was highly commended by her examiners. Professor Harvey Sterns (University of Akron and Northeastern Ohio Universities), and Associate Professor Fiona Alpass (Massey University). Annette’s examiners recommended that she be awarded her doctorate without amendment to the thesis. Annette’s primary supervisor was Assoc. Prof. Christopher Burt and her associate supervisor was Professor Simon Kemp.
Dr Joyce Alberts “Inhibitory control as a mediator of individual differences in rates of false memories in children and adults”, was commended by her external examiners, Professor David Bolota (Washington University, St Louis), and Professor Harlene Haynes (University of Otago). Joyce’s primary supervisor was Dr Ewald Neumann and her associate supervisor was Assoc. Prof. Christopher Burt.
Dr Elena Loukavenko “Recovery following anterior thalamic lesions”. In the opinion of the examiners, Professor Christian Kelche (University of Strasbourg) and Dr Ping Liu (University of Otago), this was a fine thesis and she demonstrated comprehensive mastery of the material when she responded to questioning. Elena was supervised by Professor John Dalrymple- Alford. Elena is currently living in Nelson and has a private practice as a Clinical Psychologist.
Dr Lavinia Tan “The dis-crimination and representation of relative and absolute number in pigeons and humans”. On the strength of the independent examiner’s reports, Lavinia was placed on the Dean’s list for excellence. The examiners were Professor William Roberts, University of Western Ontario and Dr Doug Elliffe, University of Auckland. Lavinia was supervised by Professor Randolph Grace and Associate Professor Anthony McLean. Lavinia has been offered a prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship at Reed College in Oregon.
Dr Mark Berg “Visual category learning with dimensionally-separable stimuli: A comparison of performance between pigeons and humans”. The examiners were Professor Charles Shimp, (University of Utah) and Dr Brent Alsop (University of Otago). He was supervised by Professor Randolph Grace. Mark has taken up a position as Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.
Dr Karyn Taylor-Moore “Towards a new understanding of psychological suffering”, was highly commended by her examiners, Associate Professor John Cromby (Loughborough University), and Associate Professor John McDowell (Victoria University of Wellington. Karyn’s primary supervisor was Professor Ken Strongman, and her Associate Supervisor was Professor Victoria Grace (Social and Political Sciences). Both examiners strongly suggested that the thesis be published, with one recommending that it be published as a book.
Name Thesis title
Dr Akila Sadisivan “Comparing the efficacy of phonological awareness intervention with neuropsychological intervention in children with specific reading disorder”. Her work was commended by her examiners Professor Uma Hirsave, National Institute of Mental Health & Neuroscience, Bangaladore, Dr Elizabeth Schaughency, University of Otago, and Dr Catherine Moran from Communication Disorders. She was supervised by .Professor Julia Rucklidge and Professor Gail Gillon, from Education. The examination was chaired by Professor Brian Haig.
Dr Sanna Malinen “Implicit and explicit attitudes towards older workers: The predictive utility and the role of attitude malleablility”. The oral examiner was Professor Stuart Carr from Massey University, Albany Campus and her overseas examiner was Professor Kerry Marsh, University of Connecticut. Sanna’s supervisor was Professor Lucy Johnston. The examination was chaired by Professor Rob Hughes.
Dr Matt Healey “Effects of birth order on personality: A within-family examination of sibling niche differentiation”. His examiners were Professors Bill Healy from the University of Queensland and Professor Garth Fletcher and the overseas examiner was Dr Catherine Salmon from the University of Redlands, USA). His principal supervisor was Professor Garth Fletcher (ex UC staff). The examination was chaired by Professor Rob Hughes.
Dr Marion Van Nobelen “Fear, pain and amygdaloid complex”. Her examiners were, Professors Cliff Abraham from the University of Otago, and Professor Rob Hughes; the overseas examiner was Professor Hymie Anisman from Carleton University in Canada. Her Principal Supervisor was Professor Rob Hughes. The examination was chaired by Professor Lianne Woodward (ex UC staff, presently Adjunct in the Psychology Dept.,UC).
Dr Liz Kyonka “Identifying the mechanisms that generate choice and timing behaviour in dynamic concurrent choice procedures”. Her examiners, Prof Doug Elliffe from the University of Auckland and Associate Professor Anthony McLean were very impressed with her oral defence and she has been put on the Dean’s list. Liz was supervised by Professor Randolph Grace. The examination was chaired by Professor Rob Hughes.
Dr Kathie Overeem “Retrograde signalling within fear neurocircuitry: Nitric oxide signalling from the lateral nucleus of the amygdala regulates thalamic EGR-1 mediated alterations of presynaptic protein levels during auditory fear conditioning”. Kathie began her work with former colleague, the late Professor Larry Kokkinidis, completed much of the experimental work at Yale and wrote it all up under the supervision of Professor Rob Hughes. Kathie accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at Otago. The external examiner, Professor Michael Dragunow of Auckland University, commented very favourably on the logical series of experiments making up the thesis, and on Kathie’s evident grasp of her research area.
Dr Gwenda Willis “From prison into the community: The impact of release planning on sexual recidivism for child molesters”. The examiners, Professor Tony Ward from Victoria University and Professor Tony Beech from Birmingham University both praised the originality and importance of Gwenda’s research. Gwenda was supervised by Professor Randolph Grace and Professor Lucy Jonston.
Dr Kelly Hood “Social competence at age 4 years of children born very preterm”. Kelly was supervised by Professor Lianne Woodward (ex UC staff, presently Adjunct in the Psychology Dept.,UC) and her examiners were Professor Janis Paterson from the Auckland University of Technology, Public and Psychosocial Studies Department and Professor Heather Mohay, Queensland Australia.
Dr Steve Haultain “Deciding to enter tertiary education and taking on debt: A longitudinal perspective” - commended by the examiners; Professor Stephen Lea (University of Exeter) was the overseas external examiner, Dr Lyn Boddington (Lincoln University) was the New Zealand external examiner, and Professor Simon Kemp, the principal supervisor, was the internal examiner.
Dr Juliet Rosewall “Prevalence, correlates and moderators of eating pathology in New Zealand women, adolescent and preadolescent girls”. The examiners, who all indicated that they were very impressed with her thesis, were Dr Virginia McIntosh and Professor Marita McCabe. Her primary supervisor was Assoc.Profesor David Gleaves (ex UC staff).
Name Thesis title
Dr Tracey McLellan “Sensitivity to emotion specified in facial expressions and the impact of aging and Alzheimer's’ disease’”; commended by the examiners. Professor John Gray (Newcastle University) was the overseas examiner, Associate Professor Ted Ruffman (University of Otago) was the New Zealand external examiner, and Professor Richard Porter (Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Science) was the internal examiner. Professor Lucy Johnston was the principal supervisor.
Dr Caron (Carrie) Clark “Executive function at early school age in children born very preterm” (earlier profile); placed on the Deans List. Carrie was supervised by Professor Lianne Woodward (ex UC staff, presently Adjunct in the Psychology Dept., UC) and Dr Kathleen Liberty (College of Education) and the examiners were Dr Kimberly Epsy (University of Nebraska) and Dr Peter Anderson (University of Melbourne) who was also the oral examiner.
Dr Audrey McKinlay "A investigation of the cognitive and psychiatric profile for people with Parkinson's Disease without dementia" (profile). The examiners unanimously judged that her thesis was of the highest quality, no revisions were suggested, and it has been placed on the Dean's List. The oral examiners were Professor Randolph Grace and Professor Michael Saling (University of Melbourne) and the non-attending external examiner was Professor Martin Sheridan (University of Hull). Audrey was supervised by Professor Randolph Grace, and co-supervisors Dr Derek Roger and Professor Rob Hughes.
Dr Sarah Beggs “Treatment outcome, risk assessment, and recidivism among sexual offenders against children.” The external examiners were Professors Tony Ward (Victoria) and Anthony Beech (Birmingham) and she was supervised by Professor Randolph Grace.
Dr Phil Kavanagh “Social exclusion, self-esteem, and mating relationships: Testing a domain-specific variant of sociometer theory”. Phil was supervised by Professor Garth Fletcher (ex UC staff) and Dr Bruce Ellis (ex UC staff) and the examiners were Jamin Halberstadt, who was also the oral examiner, and Mark Leary.
Dr Nigel Guenole “A close look at the nomology of support for national smoking bans amongst hospitality industry managers: An application of growth mixture modeling”. His work was highly commended by his examiners, and will be placed on the Dean's list for excellence. The external examiners were Ho Moon-Ho Ringo, Nanyang Technological University, and Dr Stuart Carr, Massey University. Dr Sasha Chernyshenko (ex UC staff) was the principal supervisor with Professor Simon Kemp as the associate supervisor.
Dr Eileen Britt “Enhancing diabetes self-management: Motivational enhancement therapy”. The examiners were Prof Kim Halford, School of Psychology, Mt Gravatt Campus, Griffith University, Assoc. Professor Garry Welch, Behavioural Medicine Research, Baystate Medical Center Springfield as external examiners and Assoc. Prof. Neville Blampied as internal examiner. Eileen was supervised by the late Assoc. Prof. Steve Hudson and Neville Blampied and then after Steve passed away, Neville and Dr Roeline Kuijer took over. Eileen took up her new Academic position in the Clinical programme (from her previous role as Clinical Educator) on the 3rd of March; she is also joint-director of the Clinical Programme.
Name Thesis title
Dr Ali Maginness “The development of resilience: A model”. The thesis was judged by all three examiners to be of exceptional quality, and it has, therefore been recommended to the Dean of Postgraduate Studies that it be placed on the Dean's List. David Clarke (Monash University) was the overseas external examiner, John McDowall (Victoria University) was the New Zealand examiner and Professor Ken Strongman (ex UC staff) was the supervising examiner.
Dr Verena Pritchard “Identity-based negative priming: Individual differences in typical and atypical development”. Verena was supervised by Dr Ewald Neumann and Dr Zhe Chen. Her external examiners were Dr David Balota, from Washington University and Dr Tony Lambert from Auckland University . Dr Lambert also acted as the oral examiner. Verena has taken up a UC Postdoctoral Fellowship position with Professor Lianne Woodward (ex UC staff, presently Adjunct in the Psychology Dept., UC) in conjunction with CMRF.
Dr Stephen Murray “The effects of simulated cellular phone conversation on road-crossing safety”. Steve was supervised by Dr Zhe Chen and Dr Dean Owen (ex UC staff); his external examiners were Professor John Flach, Department of Psychology, Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and Dr Brenda Lobb, Department of Psychology, University of Auckland.
Dr Courtney Clyne “Emotion-focused psychoeducational group therapy for binge eating disorder in women and men”. Courtney was supervised by Assoc. Prof. David Gleaves (ex UC staff) and Dr Janet Latner (ex UC staff). Her external examiners were Dr Lois Surgenor from the Department of Psychological Medicine, Christchurch School of Medicine and Assoc. Prof. Debra Safer from the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.
Dr Jay McLean "Psychological eustress: An exploratory regulated process". The external examiners were Professor Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi and Dr Dianne Gardner, and Jay's supervisor was Professor Ken Strongman (ex UoC staff).
Name Thesis title
Dr Emily O'Leary “Cognitive processing characteristics in obsessive-compulsive disorder subtypes”. Both examiners were impressed with the quality of her work. She was supervised by Professor Julia Rucklidge.
Dr Alice Boyes “Meta-awareness of bias in intimate relationships”. Alice's thesis received considerable praise from all the examiners, Professor Linda Acitelli, Department of Psychology, University of Houston and Dr Bill von Hippel, School of Psychology, University of New South Wales. Alice was supervised by Professor Garth Fletcher (ex UC staff).
Dr Quentin Greba “The involvement of amygdale neurons and amygdaloid dopaminergic and glutametergic receptors in the acquisition and reinstatement of fear-potentiated startle in rats”. Quentin was examined by Professor Hymie Anisman, Life Science Research Centre, Carleton University and Dr Cliff Abraham, Department of Psychology, University of Otago.
Dr Alexander Mackenzie "Almost certain loss: The psychology of pyramid schemes". His external examiners were Linda Cameron (also oral examiner) and Stephen Lea. Professor Brian Haig presided.
Dr Myron Friesen "Evidence for a distinct forgiveness prototype: Convergent and discriminant validity". The examiners were Professor Beverley Fehr from the University of Winnipeg and Assoc. Prof. John McClure from Victoria University. Myron was supervised by Professor Garth Fletcher (ex UC staff). He received considerable praise from the external examiners.
Dr Karla Mattson "The value of signals for reward: Choice in concurrent chains". Upgraded from her Masters thesis of three years ago. Drs Doug Eliffe and Edmund Fantino were her external examiners with her internal supervisor being Associate Professor Anthony McLean.
Name Thesis title
Dr Dione Healey “Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity and creativity: An investigation into their relationship.” The examiners were Dr Gail Tripp, University of Otago and Dr Mark Runco, California State University – Fullerton and her supervisor Professor Julia Rucklidge. The examiners commented on the excellence of both the research and her performance in the oral examination.
Dr David Wales “Personality and sexual offending against children.” David started work on this thesis in the mid-1990's, under the supervision of Dr Steve Hudson. Associate Professor Anthony McLean took up supervision after Steve passed away.
Dr Lynden Miles “Smiles, affordances, and social interaction”. The examiners were Dr Jamin Halberstadt, University of Otago; Professor Leslie Zebrowitz, Brandeis University, supervisors, Associate Professor Lucy Johnston (Dean of Postgraduate Research, UC) and Dr Dean Owen (ex UC staff), and the chair of the examination, Professor Brian Haig, were all extremely complimentary about the quality of Lynden's work and the way he answered tough questions in his examination.
Dr Nickola Overall “Why do people try to change their intimate relationships? The regulation function of ideal standards”. The examiners were Dr Judy Feeney, University of Queensland and Dr John Lydon, McGill University and her supervisor Professor Garth Fletcher (ex UC staff). The examiners commented on the excellence of both the research and her performance in the oral examination.
Dr Sarah Wright "Loneliness in the workplace". Supervised by Associate Professor Chris Burt and Professor Ken Strongman (ex UC staff); external examiners were Dr Dianne Gardener (Massey-Albany) and DrYuka Fujimoto (Deakin University). Her thesis was highly commended.
Dr Subhadra Evans "The interface of maternal and child psychological and physical health: What maternal chronic pain means for children's functioning". Supervised by Dr Tom Keenan and Professor Ted Shipton [Christchurch School of Medicine (Otago)]. Examiners were Dr Nancy McMurray (Melbourne) and Professor Kenneth Craig (University of British Columbia). Both examiners commented on the importance and the quality of the work carried out by Dr Evans.
Dr Anna Mitchell "Involvement of the medial thalamus in multiple attributes of memory". Professor John Dalrymple-Alford was her primary supervisor and Associate Professor Anthony McLean was her co-supervisor.