Master of Science in Speech and Language Sciences

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The Master of Science in Speech and Language Sciences degree is a one-year, full-time postgraduate programme that provides students with specialisation in a topic area of their choice. In addition to the completion of a thesis, students have the option of advanced study in clinical theory and supervision or coursework in research design and statistics. A two-year part-time distance learning option is also available for students who, because of work or family obligations, are not able to commit to postgraduate study on a full-time basis or who are not able to relocate to the Canterbury region. Participation in this part-time programme requires prior approval by the Head of Department and the Dean of Science.

One or more courses or research may require vaccination

The final vaccination mandate ended at 11:59 pm on Monday 26 September 2022 which applied to health and disability workers. Some employers/placement sites may still require workers to be vaccinated due to health and safety. As such, some clinical placements may be restricted for those students who are not fully vaccinated.


Two pathways through the MSc are available:

Pathway 1

  • SPSC696 (MSc Thesis (Non-Clinical): Semesters 1 & 2, 1.0 EFTS)

Pathway 2

  • SPSC605 (Advanced Clinical Practicum, Supervision and Administration: Semesters 1 & 2, 0.125 EFTS)
  • SPSC695 (MSc Thesis (Clinical): Semesters 1 & 2, 0.875 EFTS)

Prospective students are encouraged to explore each pathway and discuss their research ideas with a member of staff in their particular area of interest (e.g. clinical supervision, dysphagia, child language, speech motor disorders, voice, fluency, speech science) before applying.

Admission to this MSc programme is limited. Applicants must hold a four-year undergraduate degree, or a three-year undergraduate degree with the first year of a two-year MSc completed.

Student selection is based on academic merit and relevant assessments to determine suitability for advanced study in speech and language sciences.

As this programme is focused on the student’s development of research skills, applicants to the MSc programme are encouraged to identify a particular topic of interest and must discuss their ideas with the relevant members of staff described above.

The deadline for applications is 1 November. Applicants are to complete the application form and have two of the recommendation forms completed by their referees. 


Further information

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