Jade Humphrey

Studying towards a PhD in Geological Sciences
Fault interactions and multi-fault ruptures in central New Zealand

Location: Ernest Rutherford 203
Jade Humphrey


Primary Supervisor: Andy Nicol

Research Interests

I’m interested in earthquakes, paleoseismology, modelling and seismic hazard studies. I have completed work on the complexities of the 1929 Buller (Murchison) Earthquake. I am now working with the Resilience to Nature’s Challenge Phase 2 Earthquake and Tsunami Theme using paleoseismic records and synthetic seismicity models to help better understand seismic risk in central New Zealand. I love getting out in the field.

  • Active tectonics
  • Paleoseismology
  • Modelling

Working thesis title

Fault interactions and multi-fault ruptures in central New Zealand


Van Dissen, R., Seebeck, H., Litchfield. N., Barnes, P., Nicol, A., Langridge, R., Barrell, D., Villamor, P., Ellis, S., Rattenbury, M., Bannister, S., Gerstenberger, M., Ghisetti, F., Sutherland, R., Fraser, J., Nodder, S., Stirling, M., Humphrey, J., Bland, K., Howell, A., 2021, Development of the New Zealand community fault model – version 1.0. in proceedings, NZSEE 2021 Annual Conference, New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering. Christchurch, New Zealand, 14-16 April 2021: Paper No. 92: 9 p.

Selected Conference Proceedings

Humphrey. J., Nicol. A., 2020. Could the 1929 Ms7.8 Buller (Murchison) Earthquake have been a multi-fault rupture? In: Bassett K. N., Nichols A. R. L., Fenton C. H. eds. Geosciences 2020: Abstract Volume. Geoscience Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication 157A. Geoscience Society of New Zealand, Wellington, pp. 139.