Travis Horton

Associate ProfessorTravis Horton

Environmental Geochemistry
West 318
Internal Phone: 94386


Research Interests

Stable isotope geochemistry and biogeochemistry, interactions among the different spheres of the earth system, and relationships among tectonic, topographic, and climatic processes and conditions. Source and transport of fluids in active orogens and volcanic centers. Geochemical and biogeochemical proxies for climate change in the southern hemisphere on a variety of spatial and temporal scales. Geochemical tracing and quality assessment of water resources. Biogeochemical evaluation of foodweb structure including nutrient and trace element transport paths in exotic ecosystems. Paleotopographic investigation of mountain belts and plateaus.

Recent Publications

  • Bennet D., Horton T., Goldstien S., Rowe L. and Briskie J. (2019) Flying south: Foraging locations of the Hutton's shearwater (Puffinus huttoni) revealed by Time‐Depth Recorders and GPS tracking.
  • Rissmann CWF., Pearson LK., Beyer M., Couldrey MA., Lindsay JL., Martin AP., Baisden WT., Clough TJ., Horton TW. and Webster-Brown JG. (2019) A hydrochemically guided landscape classification system for modelling spatial variation in multiple water quality indices: Process-attribute mapping. Science of the Total Environment 672: 815-833.
  • Stewart SD., Young MB., Harding JS. and Horton TW. (2019) Invasive Nitrogen-Fixing Plant Amplifies Terrestrial–Aquatic Nutrient Flow and Alters Ecosystem Function. Ecosystems 22(3): 587-601.
  • Gamlen-Greene R., Harding JS., Hawke DJ. and Horton TW. (2018) Forest stream biota carbon: Nitrogen ratios are unaffected by nutrient subsidies from breeding Westland petrels (Procellaria westlandica). Marine and Freshwater Research 69(10): 1508-1516.
  • Hanson MC., Oze C., Werner C. and Horton TW. (2018) Soil δ13C-CO2 and CO2 flux in the H2S-rich Rotorua Hydrothermal System utilizing Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 358: 252-260.