Travis Horton

Associate ProfessorTravis Horton

Environmental Geochemistry
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 212
Internal Phone: 94386


Research Interests

Stable isotope geochemistry and biogeochemistry, interactions among the different spheres of the earth system, and relationships among tectonic, topographic, and climatic processes and conditions. Source and transport of fluids in active orogens and volcanic centers. Geochemical and biogeochemical proxies for climate change in the southern hemisphere on a variety of spatial and temporal scales. Geochemical tracing and quality assessment of water resources. Biogeochemical evaluation of foodweb structure including nutrient and trace element transport paths in exotic ecosystems. Paleotopographic investigation of mountain belts and plateaus.

Recent Publications

  • Bennet DG., Horton TW., Goldstien SJ., Rowe L. and Briskie JV. (2020) Seasonal and annual variation in the diving behaviour of Hutton's shearwater (Puffinus huttoni). New Zealand Journal of Zoology 47(4): 300-323.
  • Horton TW., Zerbini AN., Andriolo A., Danilewicz D. and Sucunza F. (2020) Multi-Decadal Humpback Whale Migratory Route Fidelity Despite Oceanographic and Geomagnetic Change. Frontiers in Marine Science 7
  • Pilcher N., Gaw S., Eisert R., Horton TW., Gormley AM., Cole TL. and Lyver POB. (2020) Latitudinal, sex and inter-specific differences in mercury and other trace metal concentrations in Adélie and Emperor penguins in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. Marine Pollution Bulletin 154
  • Bennet D., Horton T., Goldstien S., Rowe L. and Briskie J. (2019) Flying south: Foraging locations of the Hutton's shearwater (Puffinus huttoni) revealed by Time‐Depth Recorders and GPS tracking. Ecology and Evolution 9(14): 7914-7927.
  • Horton TW., Hauser N., Cassel S., Klaus KF., de Oliveira TF. and Key N. (2019) Doctor drone: Non-invasive measurement of humpback whale vital signs using unoccupied aerial system infrared thermography. Frontiers in Marine Science 6(JUL)