Simon Kingham

ProfessorSimon Kingham

Human Geography,Chief Science Advisor, MoT
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 308
Internal Phone: 94064


Research Interests

Simon's research primarily focuses on the impact of the urban environment on individual and community health and wellbeing. Much of his research uses geospatial science including some done through the GeoHealth Laboratory, of which he is the Director. His research is generally applied and carried out with end users with a strong community engagement focus.

Recent Publications

  • Hobbs M., Ahuriri-Driscoll A., Marek L., Campbell M., Tomintz M. and Kingham S. (2019) Reducing health inequity for Māori people in New Zealand. The Lancet 394(10209): 1613-1614.
  • Hobbs M., Tomintz M., McCarthy J., Marek L., Vannier C., Campbell M. and Kingham S. (2019) Obesity risk in women of childbearing age in New Zealand: a nationally representative cross-sectional study. International Journal of Public Health 64(4): 625-635.
  • Jia P., Yu C., Remais JV., Stein A., Liu Y., Brownson RC., Lakerveld J., Wu T., Yang L. and Smith M. (2019) Spatial Lifecourse Epidemiology Reporting Standards (ISLE-ReSt) statement. Health and Place
  • Wiki J., Kingham S. and Campbell M. (2019) Accessibility to food retailers and socio-economic deprivation in urban New Zealand. New Zealand Geographer 75(1): 3-11.
  • Apparicio P., Gelb J., Carrier M., Mathieu MÈ. and Kingham S. (2018) Exposure to noise and air pollution by mode of transportation during rush hours in Montreal. Journal of Transport Geography 70: 182-192.