Simon Brown

ProfessorSimon Brown

Beatrice Tinsley 417
Internal Phone: 94255


Research Interests

My main research interest is in the properties of nanometre scale particles (called 'atomic clusters') and in developing ways of building nano-electronic devices from these clusters - we are focused on neuromorphic computing ("a computer chip that thinks like the brain"). We also have a the only scanning tunneling microscope in NZ. This allows us to study novel nanostructures with atomic scale precision - we focus on topological instlators and related materials.

Recent Publications

  • Acharya SK., Galli E., Mallinson JB., Bose SK., Wagner F., Heywood ZE., Bones PJ., Arnold MD. and Brown SA. (2021) Stochastic Spiking Behavior in Neuromorphic Networks Enables True Random Number Generation. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 13(44): 52861-52870.
  • Daniels RK. and Brown SA. (2021) Nanowire networks: How does small-world character evolve with dimensionality? Nanoscale Horizons 6(6): 482-488.
  • Chan JR., Lambie SG., Trodahl HJ., Lefebvre D., Le Ster M., Shaib A., Ullstad F., Brown SA., Ruck BJ. and Garden AL. (2020) Facile dissociation of molecular nitrogen using lanthanide surfaces: Towards ambient temperature ammonia synthesis. Physical Review Materials 4(11)
  • Kowalczyk PJ., Brown SA., Maerkl T., Lu Q., Chiu CK., Liu Y., Yang SA., Wang X., Zasada I. and Genuzio F. (2020) Realization of Symmetry-Enforced Two-Dimensional Dirac Fermions in Nonsymmorphic α-Bismuthene. ACS Nano 14(2): 1888-1894.
  • Le Ster M., Chan JR., Ruck BJ., Brown SA. and Natali F. (2020) Removable capping layer for air-sensitive GdN. Nanotechnology 31(27)

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