Simon Brown

ProfessorSimon Brown

Beatrice Tinsley 417
Internal Phone: 94255


Research Interests

My main research interest is in the properties of nanometre scale particles (called 'atomic clusters') and in developing ways of building nano-electronic devices from these clusters - we are focused on neuromorphic computing ("a computer chip that thinks like the brain"). We also have a the only scanning tunneling microscope in NZ. This allows us to study novel nanostructures with atomic scale precision - we focus on topological instlators and related materials.

Recent Publications

  • Salehitaleghani S., Maerkl T., Kowalczyk PJ., Le Ster M., Wang X., Bian G., Chiang TC. and Brown SA. (2023) Edge states of α-bismuthene nanostructures. 2D Materials 10(1)
  • Bose SK., Mallinson JB., Galli E., Acharya SK., Minnai C., Bones PJ. and Brown SA. (2022) Neuromorphic behaviour in discontinuous metal films. Nanoscale Horizons 7(4): 437-445.
  • Carstens N., Adejube B., Strunskus T., Faupel F., Brown S. and Vahl A. (2022) Brain-like critical dynamics and long-range temporal correlations in percolating networks of silver nanoparticles and functionality preservation after integration of insulating matrix. Nanoscale Advances 4(15): 3149-3160.
  • Daniels RK., Mallinson JB., Heywood ZE., Bones PJ., Arnold MD. and Brown SA. (2022) Reservoir computing with 3D nanowire networks. Neural Networks 154: 122-130.
  • Kowalczyk PJ., Krukowski P., Kowalczyk DA., Pabianek K., Lutsyk I., Rogala M., Dąbrowski P., Busiakiewicz A., Piskorski M. and Kozłowski W. (2022) Flexible photovoltaic cells based on two-dimensional materials and their hybrids. Przeglad Elektrotechniczny 98(2): 117-120.

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