Simon Brown

ProfessorSimon Brown

West 610.3
Internal Phone: 94255


Research Interests

My main research interest is in the properties of nanometre scale particles (called 'atomic clusters') and in developing ways of building nano-electronic devices from these clusters - we are focused on neuromorphic computing ("a computer chip that thinks like the brain"). We also have a the only scanning tunneling microscope in NZ. This allows us to study novel nanostructures with atomic scale precision - we focus on topological instlators and related materials.

Recent Publications

  • Berg AI., Brivio S., Brown S., Burr G., Deswal S., Deuermeier J., Gale E., Hwang H., Ielmini D. and Indiveri G. (2019) Synaptic and neuromorphic functions: general discussion.. Faraday Discuss 213(0): 553-578.
  • Bose SK., Shirai S., Mallinson JB. and Brown SA. (2019) Synaptic dynamics in complex self-assembled nanoparticle networks.. Faraday Discuss 213(0): 471-485.
  • Le Ster M., Maerk T., Kowalczyk PJ. and Brown SA. (2019) Moire patterns in van der Waals heterostructures. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 99(7) ARTN 075422
  • Minnai C., Mirigliano M., Brown SA. and Milani P. (2018) The nanocoherer: an electrically and mechanically resettable resistive switching device based on gold clusters assembled on paper. NANO FUTURES 2(1) UNSP 011002
  • Bian G., Wang X., Kowalczyk PJ., Maerkl T., Brown SA. and Chiang TC. (2017) Survey of electronic structure of Bi and Sb thin films by first-principles calculations and photoemission measurements. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids

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