Sarah Flanagan, Biological Sciences

Senior LecturerSarah Flanagan

Julius von Haast 520
Internal Phone: 90433


Research Interests

Sarah Flanagan is focused on understanding the evolution of complex, multivariate traits (such as mating display traits), primarily relying on population and quantitative genetics, genomic datasets, simulation modeling. My empirical work has mostly focused on pipefish and seahorses.

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Recent Publications

  • Flanagan SP., Rose E. and Jones AG. (2021) The population genomics of repeated freshwater colonizations by Gulf pipefish. Molecular Ecology 30(7): 1672-1687.
  • Howell L., LaRue M. and Flanagan SP. (2021) Environmental DNA as a tool for monitoring Antarctic vertebrates. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 48(3-4): 245-262.
  • Anderson AP., Rose E., Flanagan SP. and Jones AG. (2020) The estrogen-responsive transcriptome of female secondary sexual traits in the gulf pipefish. Journal of Heredity 111(3): 294-306.
  • Flanagan S. (2020) Quantitative Genetics of Behavior. In Choe JC (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior (2nd Edition ed.): 80-93.Elsevier Academic Press.
  • Lerch BA., Dautel KA., Brewer S., Liang A., Siewe N. and Flanagan S. (2020) Space, density and extra-pair matings have opposing impacts on male and female reproductive success. Population Ecology 62(2): 269-283.