Sally Gaw

ProfessorSally Gaw

Beatrice Tinsley 318
Internal Phone: 95904


Research Interests

Research in the environmental chemistry group focuses on the fate and behaviour of contaminants in the environment including human exposure to contaminants. Our projects are interdisciplinary and collaborative. Current projects include determining the effects of environmental stressors and contaminants on production of cyanotoxins in Canterbury waterways, investigating the effects of co-contamination of copper on pesticide degradation in soil and the presence of endocrine disrupting compounds in Antarctic waters and animals.

Recent Publications

  • Bridson JH., Gaugler EC., Smith DA., Northcott GL. and Gaw S. (2021) Leaching and extraction of additives from plastic pollution to inform environmental risk: A multidisciplinary review of analytical approaches. Journal of Hazardous Materials 414
  • Knobloch E., Ruffell H., Aves A., Pantos O., Gaw S. and Revell LE. (2021) Comparison of Deposition Sampling Methods to Collect Airborne Microplastics in Christchurch, New Zealand. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 232(4)
  • Lischka A., Betty EL., Braid HE., Pook CJ., Gaw S. and Bolstad KSR. (2021) Trace element concentrations, including Cd and Hg, in long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas edwardii) mass stranded on the New Zealand coast. Marine Pollution Bulletin 165
  • Mohamed F., Gaw S. and Glover CN. (2021) Spatial and temporal change in trace element profiles in seawater, sediment and mussels associated with an earthquake rubble sea-fill. Marine Pollution Bulletin 164
  • Bridson JH., Patel M., Lewis A., Gaw S. and Parker K. (2020) Microplastic contamination in Auckland (New Zealand) beach sediments. Marine Pollution Bulletin 151