Sally Gaw

Associate ProfessorSally Gaw

West 614
Internal Phone: 95904


Research Interests

Research in the environmental chemistry group focuses on the fate and behaviour of contaminants in the environment including human exposure to contaminants. Our projects are interdisciplinary and collaborative. Current projects include determining the effects of environmental stressors and contaminants on production of cyanotoxins in Canterbury waterways, investigating the effects of co-contamination of copper on pesticide degradation in soil and the presence of endocrine disrupting compounds in Antarctic waters and animals.

Recent Publications

  • Charan-Dixon H., Goldstien SJ., Vanderhaven BJ., Halafihi T., Tuiano TL., Gaw S. and Glover CN. (2019) Effects of traditional fishing techniques on internal organ regeneration, physiology, and biochemistry in the tropical sea cucumber Stichopus horrens. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 510: 15-22.
  • Charry MP., Northcott GL., Gaw S., Keesing V., Costello MJ. and Tremblay LA. (2019) Development of acute and chronic toxicity bioassays using the pelagic copepod Gladioferens pectinatus. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 174: 611-617.
  • McRae NK., Gaw S., Brooks BW. and Glover CN. (2019) Oxidative stress in the galaxiid fish, Galaxias maculatus, exposed to binary waterborne mixtures of the pro-oxidant cadmium and the anti-oxidant diclofenac. Environmental Pollution : 638-646.
  • Pearson AJ., Gaw S., Hermanspahn N., Glover CN. and Anderson CWN. (2019) Radium in New Zealand agricultural soils: Phosphate fertiliser inputs, soil activity concentrations and fractionation profiles. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 205-206: 119-126.
  • De Silva NAL., Marsden ID., Gaw S. and Glover CN. (2018) Acute waterborne cadmium toxicity in the estuarine pulmonate mud snail, Amphibola crenata. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 158: 274-283.