Sally Gaw

ProfessorSally Gaw

Beatrice Tinsley 318
Internal Phone: 95904


Research Interests

Research in the environmental chemistry group focuses on the fate and behaviour of contaminants in the environment including human exposure to contaminants. Our projects are interdisciplinary and collaborative. Current projects include determining the effects of environmental stressors and contaminants on production of cyanotoxins in Canterbury waterways, investigating the effects of co-contamination of copper on pesticide degradation in soil and the presence of endocrine disrupting compounds in Antarctic waters and animals.

Recent Publications

  • De Silva NAL., Marsden ID., Gaw S. and Glover CN. (2022) The relationship between population attributes of the mud snail Amphibola crenata and sediment contamination: A multi-estuary assessment. Marine Pollution Bulletin 180
  • Guy S., Gaw S., Beaven S. and Pearson AJ. (2022) Dose assessment for polonium-210 (Po-210) in New Zealand shellfish. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 242
  • Pearson AJ., Gaw S., Hermanspahn N., Glover CN. and Anderson CWN. (2022) Radium in New Zealand agricultural soils: Crop uptake and estimation of current and future ionising radiation dose. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 244-245
  • Thompson-Morrison H., Gaw S. and Robinson B. (2022) An Assessment of Trace Element Accumulation in Palm Oil Production. Sustainability (Switzerland) 14(8)
  • Bridson JH., Gaugler EC., Smith DA., Northcott GL. and Gaw S. (2021) Leaching and extraction of additives from plastic pollution to inform environmental risk: A multidisciplinary review of analytical approaches. Journal of Hazardous Materials 414