Megan McAuliffe

DeanMegan McAuliffe

Psychology 323
Internal Phone: 94549

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Assoc Prof McAuliffe leads the University of Canterbury Speech Production-Perception Research Laboratory (UC Speech Lab), is Deputy Director of the New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour (NZILBB) and leads the Language & Ageing Research Theme of the NZILBB.

UC Speech Lab aims to conduct research of scientific and theoretical significance with clear application to the clinical practice of speech-language therapy and audiology. We study the interaction between the speech signal and a listener’s perception of that signal. We are particularly interested in adverse listening conditions, and use both naturally (e.g., dysarthric) and artificially distorted speech signals to investigate our questions of interest.

Recent Publications

  • Fletcher A., McAuliffe M., Kerr S. and Sinex D. (2019) Effects of vocabulary and implicit linguistic knowledge on speech recognition in adverse listening conditions. American Journal of Audiology 28(3S): 742-755.
  • Fletcher AR., Risi RA., Wisler A. and McAuliffe MJ. (2019) Examining Listener Reaction Time in the Perceptual Assessment of Dysarthria. Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica 71(5-6): 297-308.
  • Hsu SC., McAuliffe MJ., Lin P., Wu RM. and Levy ES. (2019) Acoustic and Perceptual Consequences of Speech Cues for Mandarin Speakers With Parkinson's Disease. American journal of speech-language pathology 28(2): 521-535.
  • McAuliffe MJ., Schluter PJ. and Jamieson HA. (2019) An epidemiological profile of communication disability among older adults with complex needs: A national cross-sectional study. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology 21(6): 537-546.
  • Schluter PJ., McAuliffe MJ., Askew DA. and Jamieson HA. (2019) Hearing ability is not a risk factor for admission to aged residential care of older persons in New Zealand. Scientific Reports 9(1)