Marwan Katurji

Senior LecturerMarwan Katurji

Meteorology, Physical Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 228
Internal Phone: 94287
I aim for discovery while appreciating the complexity of natural phenomena. My students will solve the environmental problems of tomorrow.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I specialize in surface-atmosphere interactions, and has undertaken numerous research projects throughout New Zealand, the United States and Antarctica. My research interest is around modelling, simulating, measuring and analyzing atmospheric phenomena, and I use advanced field measurement and numerical modeling techniques to tackle my research objectives.

I am particularly interested in coherent turbulent structures (CTS) within the first 1km of our atmosphere above ground level (also called the atmospheric boundary-layer). CTS is a unique fabric of turbulence that controls the spatial variability of temperature and moisture across our landscape. I conduct laboratory and field experiments using state of the art in situ, aerial, remote sensing measurement systems, and also high resolution numerical weather simulations to develop a better understanding of these coherent turbulence structures.

Some of my research projects involve wind turbulence for wind energy applications, air pollution dispersion modelling, forest canopy turbulence measurements, Antarctic meteorology, wild-land fire weather and fire-atmospheric interactions, and stable boundary layers in complex terrain.

I have a growing interest in Antarctic Dry Valley climates because of the extreme environment on the continent. In Antarctica I try to understand mesocyclones (or Antarctic storms) in the Ross Sea Region.

Recent Publications

  • Hilland RVJ., Bernhofer C., Bohmann M., Christen A., Katurji M., Maggs-Kölling G., Krauß M., Larsen JA., Marais E. and Pitacco A. (2022) The Namib Turbulence Experiment: Investigating Surface-Atmosphere Heat Transfer in Three Dimensions. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 103(3): E741-E759.
  • Katurji M., Noonan B., Zhang J., Valencia A., Shumacher B., Kerr J., Strand T., Pearce G. and Zawar-Reza P. (2022) Atmospheric turbulent structures and fire sweeps during shrub fires and implications for flaming zone behaviour. International Journal of Wildland Fire
  • Lin D., Katurji M., Revell L., Khan B., Osborne N., Soltanzadeh I. and Kremser S. (2022) Fog type classification using a modified Richardson number for Christchurch, New Zealand. International Journal of Climatology.
  • Purdie H., Zawar-Reza P., Katurji M., Schumacher B., Kerr T. and Bealing P. (2022) Variability in the vertical temperature profile within crevasses at an alpine glacier. Journal of Glaciology : 1-15.
  • Schumacher B., Katurji M., Zhang J., Zawar-Reza P., Adams B. and Zeeman M. (2022) Adaptive Thermal Image Velocimetry of spatial wind movement on landscapes using near target infrared cameras. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques