Mads Thomsen

Senior LecturerMads Thomsen

Marine Biology
Julius von Haast 239
Internal Phone: 95208


Research Interests

I am an ecologist that research environmental impacts on coastal plant and animal communities. My research focuses on how human stressors, such as bio-invasions, pollution, and climate change, impact the structure, productivity and biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems. I combine experiments, surveys, analysis of long-term dataset, modeling and meta-analysis, to test how patterns in biological communities are generated and maintained. My research provides predictions on how coastal habitats will respond to human stressors and recommendations for conservation strategies needed to ameliorate their impacts.

Recent Publications

  • Bass A., Wernberg T., Thomsen M. and Smale D. (2021) Another Decade of Marine Climate Change Experiments: Trends, Progress and Knowledge Gaps. Frontiers in Marine Science 8
  • Ren J., Chen J., Xu C., van de Koppel J., Thomsen MS., Qiu S., Cheng F., Song W., Liu QX. and Xu C. (2021) An invasive species erodes the performance of coastal wetland protected areas. Science Advances 7(42)
  • Schiel DR., Gerrity S., Orchard S., Alestra T., Dunmore RA., Falconer T., Thomsen MS. and Tait LW. (2021) Cataclysmic Disturbances to an Intertidal Ecosystem: Loss of Ecological Infrastructure Slows Recovery of Biogenic Habitats and Diversity. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9
  • Smith KE., Burrows MT., Hobday AJ., Gupta AS., Moore PJ., Thomsen M., Wernberg T. and Smale DA. (2021) Socioeconomic impacts of marine heatwaves: Global issues and opportunities. Science 374(6566)
  • Tait LW., Thoral F., Pinkerton MH., Thomsen MS. and Schiel DR. (2021) Loss of Giant Kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera, Driven by Marine Heatwaves and Exacerbated by Poor Water Clarity in New Zealand. Frontiers in Marine Science 8