Mads Thomsen

Senior LecturerMads Thomsen

Marine Biology
Julius von Haast 239
Internal Phone: 95208


Research Interests

I am an ecologist that research environmental impacts on coastal plant and animal communities. My research focuses on how human stressors, such as bio-invasions, pollution, and climate change, impact the structure, productivity and biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems. I combine experiments, surveys, analysis of long-term dataset, modeling and meta-analysis, to test how patterns in biological communities are generated and maintained. My research provides predictions on how coastal habitats will respond to human stressors and recommendations for conservation strategies needed to ameliorate their impacts.

Recent Publications

  • Gribben PE., Poore AGB., Thomsen MS., Quesey P., Weschke E. and Wright JT. (2020) Habitat provided by native species facilitates higher abundances of an invader in its introduced compared to native range. Scientific Reports 10(1)
  • Montie S., Thomsen MS., Rack W. and Broady PA. (2020) Extreme summer marine heatwaves increase chlorophyll a in the Southern Ocean. Antarctic Science 32(6): 508-509.
  • Salinger MJ., Diamond HJ., Behrens E., Fernandez D., Fitzharris BB., Herold N., Johnstone P., Kerckhoffs H., Mullan AB. and Parker AK. (2020) Unparalleled coupled ocean-atmosphere summer heatwaves in the New Zealand region: drivers, mechanisms and impacts. Climatic Change 162(2): 485-506.
  • Sen Gupta A., Thomsen M., Benthuysen JA., Hobday AJ., Oliver E., Alexander LV., Burrows MT., Donat MG., Feng M. and Holbrook NJ. (2020) Drivers and impacts of the most extreme marine heatwaves events. Scientific Reports 10(1)
  • Solgaard Thomsen M. (2020) Indiscriminate data aggregation in ecological meta-analysis underestimates impacts of invasive species. Nature Ecology and Evolution 4(3): 312-314.