Mads Thomsen

Senior LecturerMads Thomsen

Marine Biology
Julius von Haast 239
Internal Phone: 95208


Research Interests

I am an ecologist that research environmental impacts on coastal plant and animal communities. My research focuses on how human stressors, such as bio-invasions, pollution, and climate change, impact the structure, productivity and biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems. I combine experiments, surveys, analysis of long-term dataset, modeling and meta-analysis, to test how patterns in biological communities are generated and maintained. My research provides predictions on how coastal habitats will respond to human stressors and recommendations for conservation strategies needed to ameliorate their impacts.

Recent Publications

  • Clemente KJE. and Thomsen MS. (2023) High temperature frequently increases facilitation between aquatic foundation species: A global meta-analysis of interaction experiments between angiosperms, seaweeds and bivalves. Journal of Ecology
  • Montie S. and Thomsen MS. (2023) Spatiotemporal stressors, not secondary structures or small temperature increases, control rapid facilitation of intertidal epifauna. Marine Environmental Research 187
  • Smith KE., Burrows MT., Hobday AJ., King NG., Moore PJ., Sen Gupta A., Thomsen MS., Wernberg T. and Smale DA. (2023) Biological Impacts of Marine Heatwaves. Annual Review of Marine Science 15: 119-145.
  • Pullen M., Gerber D., Thomsen MS. and Flanagan SP. (2022) Seasonal Dynamics of Faunal Diversity and Population Ecology in an Estuarine Seagrass Bed. Estuaries and Coasts 45(8): 2578-2591.
  • Thomsen MS., Altieri AH., Angelini C., Bishop MJ., Bulleri F., Farhan R., Frühling VMM., Gribben PE., Harrison SB. and He Q. (2022) Heterogeneity within and among co-occurring foundation species increases biodiversity. Nature Communications 13(1)