Lindsey Conrow

Senior LecturerLindsey Conrow

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 310
Internal Phone: 90196
I'm a Geographer interested human mobility and the ways transport and urban design influence accessibility, equity, and wellbeing.


Research Interests

My research centres around interactions between human mobility, accessibility and wellbeing. The associations between these factors are often influenced by urban form, transport, community and sociodemographics. Much of my recent work incorporates crowdsourced smartphone and mobile phone data as well as individual sensor data, such wearable GPS/accelerometer devices, and spatial analytics.

Recent Publications

  • Conrow L. and Brower A. (2022) Human–wildlife competition for space: Opportunistic rare birds colonise a disaster recovery zone in Christchurch, New Zealand. Case Studies in the Environment 6(1): 1-11.
  • Conrow L., Campbell M. and Kingham S. (2021) Transport changes and COVID-19: From present impacts to future possibilities. New Zealand Geographer 77(3): 185-190.
  • Conrow L., Mooney S. and Wentz EA. (2021) The association between residential housing prices, bicycle infrastructure and ridership volumes. Urban Studies 58(4): 787-808.
  • Lieske SN., Leao SZ., Conrow L. and Pettit C. (2021) Assessing geographical representativeness of crowdsourced urban mobility data: An empirical investigation of Australian bicycling. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science 48(4): 775-792.
  • Logan TM., Anderson MJ., Williams TG. and Conrow L. (2021) Measuring inequalities in urban systems: An approach for evaluating the distribution of amenities and burdens. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 86