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Senior LecturerLeanne Morgan

Waterways-Biological Sciences Bldg Rm 736
Internal Phone: 95839


Research Interests

Dr Morgan is a groundwater researcher specialising in the field of coastal hydrogeology. Her research includes practical and theoretical work and she engages in a range of methods including analytic and numerical modelling as well as laboratory-scale analysis and field work. Dr Morgan has industry experience in the development of regional-scale groundwater models for groundwater resource assessment. This has informed her teaching by providing her with an understanding of methods that underpin theoretical research in hydrology as well as practical problem-solving of real-world, water resource management issues.

Dr Morgan is interested in supervising Masters and PhD projects that align with her research interests, including seawater intrusion vulnerability, subsea fresh groundwater, braided rivers and regional-scale groundwater management.

Dr Morgan is collaborating with research teams in Australia, the Netherlands and Germany. She also holds a Research Fellowship with Flinders University, Adelaide Australia.

Dr Morgan coordinates and lectures the following subjects at University of Canterbury (UC) and Lincoln University (LU):
WATR401/601 Advanced Water Resources (UC and LU)
ENGE414 Applied Hydrogeology (UC)

Dr Morgan lectures in the following subjects at UC and LU:
ENCN499 Hydraulics and Quality of Groundwater (UC)
WATR402/602 Determinants of Water Quality (UC and LU)
WATR403/603 Water Management, Policy and Planning (UC and LU)
WATR202 Water on Land: Quality and Quantity (LU)
WATR302 Water on Land: Application and Management (LU)

Recent Publications