Laura Revell

Associate ProfessorLaura Revell

Environmental Physics
Beatrice Tinsley 321
Internal Phone: 90169


Research Interests

Revell Atmospheric Modelling Group website:

My research focuses on modelling the interactions between atmospheric chemistry and climate change. My current funded projects include:
- Measuring airborne microplastics and modelling their impacts on climate.
- Developing the aerosol and chemistry scheme in the New Zealand Earth System Model.
- Understanding the influence of the Antarctic ozone hole on the emergence of Southern Hemisphere climate change in the 21st century.

Recent Publications

  • Chiodo G., Liu J., Revell L., Sukhodolov T. and Zhang J. (2021) Editorial: The Evolution of the Stratospheric Ozone. Frontiers in Earth Science 9
  • Knobloch E., Ruffell H., Aves A., Pantos O., Gaw S. and Revell LE. (2021) Comparison of Deposition Sampling Methods to Collect Airborne Microplastics in Christchurch, New Zealand. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 232(4)
  • Kremser S., Mikaloff-Fletcher S., Nathan B., Dale E., Tradowsky J., Bird L., Bodeker G., Lin D., Coulson G. and Katurji M. (2021) Mapping Air Pollution eMissions (MAPM).
  • Lin D., Khan B., Katurji M., Bird L., Faria R. and Revell L. (2021) WRF4PALM v1.0: A Mesoscale Dynamic Driver for the Microscale PALM Model System 6.0.
  • Lin D., Khan B., Katurji M., Bird L., Faria R. and Revell L. (2021) WRF4PALM v1.0: a mesoscale dynamical driver for the microscale PALM model system 6.0. Geoscientific Model Development 14: 2503-2524.