Laura Revell

Senior LecturerLaura Revell

Environmental Physics
Beatrice Tinsley 321
Internal Phone: 90169


Research Interests

Revell Atmospheric Modelling Group website:

My research focuses on modelling the interactions between atmospheric chemistry and climate change. I am particularly interested in aerosols, tropospheric ozone and stratospheric ozone. Currently I work on improving the representation of Southern Ocean aerosols in the New Zealand Earth System Model, as part of the Deep South National Science Challenge. I am also a principal investigator for CCMI, the international SPARC/IGAC (Stratosphere-troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate/International Global Atmospheric Chemistry) Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative.

Recent Publications

  • Hartery S., Toohey D., Revell L., Sellegri K., Kuma P., Harvey M. and McDonald AJ. (2020) Constraining the Surface Flux of Sea Spray Particles From the Southern Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 125(4)
  • Kuai L., Bowman KW., Miyazaki K., Deushi M., Revell L., Rozanov E., Paulot F., Strode S., Conley A. and Lamarque J-F. (2020) Attribution of Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative (CCMI) ozone radiative flux bias from satellites. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20(1): 281-301.
  • Nicely JM., Duncan BN., Hanisco TF., Wolfe GM., Salawitch RJ., Deushi M., Haslerud AS., Jöckel P., Josse B. and Kinnison DE. (2020) A machine learning examination of hydroxyl radical differences among model simulations for CCMI-1. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20(3): 1341-1361.
  • Chrysanthou A., Maycock AC., Chipperfield MP., Dhomse S., Garny H., Kinnison D., Akiyoshi H., Deushi M., Garcia RR. and Jöckel P. (2019) The effect of atmospheric nudging on the stratospheric residual circulation in chemistry–climate models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19(17): 11559-11586.
  • Eichinger R., Dietmüller S., Garny H., Šácha P., Birner T., Bönisch H., Pitari G., Visioni D., Stenke A. and Rozanov E. (2019) The influence of mixing on the stratospheric age of air changes in the 21st century. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19: 921-940.