Laura Revell

Associate ProfessorLaura Revell

Environmental Physics
Julian von Haast 722


Research Interests

Revell Atmospheric Modelling Group website:

My research focuses on modelling the interactions between atmospheric chemistry and climate change. My current funded projects include:
- Measuring airborne microplastics and modelling their impacts on climate.
- Developing the aerosol and chemistry scheme in the New Zealand Earth System Model.
- Understanding the influence of the Antarctic ozone hole on the emergence of Southern Hemisphere climate change in the 21st century.

Recent Publications

  • Bhatti Y., Revell L., Alex S., Adrian M., Alex A., Jonny W. and Erik B. (2023) Southern Ocean Emissions of DMS. In Copernicus GmbH
  • Brown T., Bannister M. and Revell L. (2023) Envisioning a sustainable future for space launches: a review of current research and policy. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand
  • Douglas HC., Harrington LJ., Joshi M., Hawkins E., Revell LE. and Frame DJ. (2023) Changes to population-based emergence of climate change from CMIP5 to CMIP6. Environmental Research Letters 18(1)
  • Allen D., Allen S., Abbasi S., Baker A., Bergmann M., Brahney J., Butler T., Duce RA., Eckhardt S. and Evangeliou N. (2022) Microplastics and nanoplastics in the marine-atmosphere environment. Nature Reviews Earth and Environment 3(6): 393-405.
  • Aves AR., Revell LE., Gaw S., Ruffell H., Schuddeboom A., Wotherspoon NE., Larue M. and Mcdonald AJ. (2022) First evidence of microplastics in Antarctic snow. Cryosphere 16(6): 2127-2145.