Greg O'Beirne

ProfessorGreg O'Beirne

Psychology 321
Internal Phone: 94313

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include cochlear electrophysiology, the electrophysiological measurement of hearing (including intraoperative monitoring), and the development of new and improved tests of hearing, speech discrimination, and auditory processing.

Recent Publications

  • Zakaria NA., Jamaluddin SA., Aslynn WAW., O'Beirne GA., Zulkeflee NAB. and Razak AZBA. (2022) The Development of Paediatric Malay Matrix Sentence Test (PaedMalayMST) Materials through the Construction of a Paediatric Malay Corpus. Journal of Modern Languages 32(2): 1-16.
  • Jamaluddin SA., Azmi NAK., Azemin MZC., Hanafiah NA. and O'Beirne G. (2021) Listening effort between auditory-only, visual-only and auditory-visual speech perception in normal hearing listeners as measured using pupillometry. In International Journal of Allied Health Sciences 5(3): 2252-2252.
  • Lee A., O'Beirne G. and Robb M. (2021) An Exploration of Lexical Selection in Adults who Stutter. Advances in Communication and Swallowing 24(1): 33-44.
  • O'Beirne G. (2021) “Rapid, accessible, and equitable” trends in speech perception testing. online: Introduction to Speech Audiometry Tests in Malaysia workshop, Audiology Technical Committee (JKTA) Ministry of Health, Malaysia, 14 Jun 2021.
  • O'Beirne G. (2020) Advances in auditory electrophysiology: the benefits of chained and rapidly-interleaved stimuli. Indian Speech and Hearing Association Special Interest Group (Audiology), 25 Jul 2020.