don hine

Head of SchoolDon Hine

Psychology Building 221
Internal Phone: 90179


Research Interests

Don Hine is a professor of psychology at the University of Canterbury, specialising in environmental psychology. Don’s work focuses on understanding the factors that underlie environmental problems such as resource over-consumption, climate change, air pollution, and invasive species. His research group designs and evaluates behaviour change strategies to help solve these problems.

Don has authored over 100 peer reviewed publications, has extensive experience in curriculum development and teaching and has been involved in numerous community projects addressing air quality, biodiversity and the management of invasive animals.

Recent Publications

  • Lykins AD., Parsons M., Craig BM., Cosh SM., Hine DW. and Murray C. (2023) Australian Youth Mental Health and Climate Change Concern After the Black Summer Bushfires. EcoHealth
  • McLeod LJ. and Hine DW. (2023) Wild dog management: understanding rural landholders’ willingness to participate in coordinated control programs. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 30(1): 88-106.
  • Allenden N., Hine DW., Craig BM., Cowie AL., McGreevy PD. and Lykins AD. (2022) What should we eat? Realistic solutions for reducing our food footprint. Sustainable Production and Consumption 32: 541-549.
  • Sundaraja CS., Hine DW., Thorsteinsson EB. and Lykins AD. (2022) Purchasing products with sustainable palm oil: designing and evaluating an online intervention for Australian consumers. Australian Journal of Environmental Education : 1-18.
  • Hicklenton CL., Hine DW., Driver AB. and Loi NM. (2021) How personal values shape job seeker preference: A policy capturing study. PLoS ONE 16(7 July)