Deirdre Hart

Associate Dean - AcademicDeirdre Hart

Coastal Science, Physical Geography
Beatrice Tinsley Rm 224
Internal Phone: 94062

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Deirdre researches the physical, biological and human (including built environments) processes and interactions in coastal environments via an approach that is fundamentally multi-disciplinary. She is passionate about the dissemination of coastal science through education, informed management, and community engagement. Her research and teaching interests include temperate and tropical coastal and river-mouth science, engineering and management, in New Zealand, Korea, Italy and the USA. Deirdre employs a range of techniques from field, to laboratory and numerical and theoretical modelling. She is interested in supervising Masters and PhD projects that align closely with her coastal/ multi-hazard research interests, including on river mouths, high-energy coasts, mudflats, reef sediments, pocket beaches and urban multi-hazards such as flooding and earthquake effects.

Recent Publications

  • Alestra T., Bell J., Lewis M., Parsons S., Girvan R., Martin-Paul M., Baggaley F., Blackely T., Moore T. and Todd D. (2022) Nature based solutions for coastal hazards in Aotearoa New Zealand: results of a nationwide expert survey on the current state of uptake, barriers, and opportunities.. Coastal News SP5: 62-67.
  • Byun DS. and Hart DE. (2022) Tidal current classification insights for search, rescue and recovery operations in the yellow and east China seas and Korea Strait. Continental Shelf Research 232
  • MacDonald KE., Hart DE. and Pitman SJ. (2021) Geomorphic responses of uplifted mixed sand and gravel beaches: combining short-term observations from Kaikōura, New Zealand with longer-term evidence. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics
  • Pitman SJ., Thompson K., Hart DE., Moran K., Gallop SL., Brander RW. and Wooler A. (2021) Beachgoers' ability to identify rip currents at a beach in situ. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 21(1): 115-128.
  • Byun DS. and Hart DE. (2020) A monthly tidal envelope classification for semidiurnal regimes in terms of the relative proportions of the S2, N2, and M2 constituents. Ocean Science 16(4): 965-977.