Deborah Crittenden

Senior LecturerDeborah Crittenden

Beatrice Tinsley 326
Internal Phone: 95087


Research Interests

My research interests lie in:
- the development and application of new theoretical methods and algorithms for modelling quantum properties of molecules and materials, such as molecular structure, dynamics, photochemistry, redox potentials, and reactivity.
- the application of quantum chemical methods to design new molecules and materials for renewable energy capture and storage.

Recent Publications

  • Abdelbassit MS., Curnow OJ., Ferreras M. and Crittenden DL. (2020) A Discrete Dichloride Tetrahydrate Trapped by a Cyclopropenium Cation: Structure and Spectroscopic Properties. ChemPlusChem 85(5): 927-932.
  • Allpress C., Crittenden D., Ma J., McEwan M., Robinson S., Wilson P. and Wu M. (2019) Real-time differentiation of ethylbenzene and the xylenes using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 33(23): 1844-1849.
  • Moreno Carrascosa A., Yong H., Crittenden DL., Weber PM. and Kirrander A. (2019) Ab Initio Calculation of Total X-ray Scattering from Molecules. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 15(5): 2836-2846.
  • Wonanke ADD., Ferguson JL., Fitchett CM. and Crittenden DL. (2019) Predicting the Outcome of Photocyclisation Reactions: A Joint Experimental and Computational Investigation. Chemistry - An Asian Journal 14(8): 1293-1303.
  • Crittenden DL. and Wonanke ADD. (2018) Beyond the Woodward-Hoffman rules: what controls reactivity in eliminative aromatic ring-forming reactions? Australian Journal of Chemistry 71(4): 249-256.