Ann Brower

ProfessorAnn Brower

Beatrice Tinsley BT331
Internal Phone: 93027


Research Interests

I study the interactions between people and the environment. Often that relationship is shaped by things like property rights, community responsibilities, and government rules. I study how those rights, responsibilities, and rules play out in landscapes and natural resources.

My research is often place-based. Right now, I am interested in the South Island's Mackenzie Basin.

In 2018, I was honoured to win Universities NZ's award for being a Critic and Conscience of Society. For more information, please see the link below, under 'Resources'.

Recent Publications

  • Brower A. and James A. (2023) Sticky Floors, Double-Binds, and Double Whammies: Adjusting for Research Performance Reveals Universities’ Gender Pay Gap is Not Disappearing. Sage Open 13(3)
  • Gibson J., Buelow F., Black A., Macdonald LTAOT. and Brower AL. (2023) Co-Management of Kauri Dieback in the Waitākere Ranges, Aotearoa New Zealand. Case Studies in the Environment 7(1)
  • Vosloo R., Buelow F., Page J. and Brower A. (2023) Braided rivers: Between land and water, between law an d science. New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law 26: 255-269.
  • Conrow L. and Brower A. (2022) Human–wildlife competition for space: Opportunistic rare birds colonise a disaster recovery zone in Christchurch, New Zealand. Case Studies in the Environment 6(1): 1-11.
  • James A. and Brower A. (2022) Levers of change: using mathematical models to compare gender equity interventions in universities. Royal Society Open Science 9(9)