Maggie Lee Huckabee staff photo

Distinguished ProfessorMaggie-Lee Huckabee

Psychology 310
Internal Phone: 95124


Research Interests

Research interests include rehabilitative efficacy for dysphagia, biomechanical analysis of swallowing and neurophysiological substrates for swallowing and neural recovery mechanisms.

Recent Publications

  • Cosentino G., Avenali M., Schindler A., Pizzorni N., Montomoli C., Abbruzzese G., Antonini A., Barbiera F., Benazzo M. and Benarroch EE. (2022) A multinational consensus on dysphagia in Parkinson's disease: screening, diagnosis and prognostic value. Journal of Neurology 269(3): 1335-1352.
  • Erfmann KLC., Macrae PR., Jones RD., Guiu Hernandez E. and Huckabee ML. (2022) Effects of cerebellar transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on motor skill learning in swallowing. Disability and Rehabilitation 44(11): 2276-2284.
  • Huckabee M-L., Flynn R. and Mills M. (2022) Expanding Rehabilitation Options for Dysphagia: Skill-Based Swallowing Training.. Dysphagia
  • Kwong SL., Hernandez EG., Winiker K., Gozdzikowska K., Macrae P. and Huckabee ML. (2022) Effect of Topical Nasal Anesthetic on Comfort and Swallowing in High-Resolution Impedance Manometry. Laryngoscope 132(11): 2124-2131.
  • Miller KJW., Macrae P., Paskaranandavadivel N., Huckabee ML. and Cheng LK. (2022) Non-invasive assessment of swallowing using flexible high-density electromyography arrays. Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS 2022-July: 5120-5123.