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Forestry and wood science labs

29 October 2023

The School of Forestry has first-class facilities including teaching and research spaces and the Wood Technology precinct, which contains a timber drying and preservation unit, a pulp and paper room and a general workshop.


Field trips to Canterbury's indigenous and exotic forests are integral to our teaching and we have strong relationships with local forest organisations and their valuable staff. The School has its own field station at Harihari, in Westland, which is an excellent location for the study of native forests. Other university field stations near Arthur's Pass and at Westport are also close to extensive indigenous forests. Students regularly visit several wood processing industries in Canterbury with which we maintain regular contact.


Wood Science Laboratory - Room 141

This lab is used for wood analytics. Instruments include an IR Spectrometer, Raman Spectrometer and an accelerated solvent extractor. Contact the laboratory supervisor for information about using the Wood Science Lab.

Forest Engineering Laboratory - Room 150

This lab is used for forest engineering teaching, research and tutorials. Access is restricted and anyone wishing to access the lab should contact the supervisor.

Teaching Laboratory - Room 152

Principally a facility for undergraduate teaching, the Teaching Laboratory is also available for use by postgraduate students during term times, term breaks and long vacation if it is unbooked.


Forest Health Laboratory - Room 241

This laboratory is used for entomology and ecology teaching and research. Access is restricted and anyone wishing to use the lab should contact Vicki Wilton.


Wood Technology Laboratory

Equipment and tools are available for use from the laboratory technician. Equipment includes saws, planers etc., a high temperature kiln, preservation cylinder, incising machine, pulp and paper equipment, grinder, pellet press and an 'Instron' strength testing machine. Before using any equipment or machinery in the Wood Technology Lab you must contact the technician for full instructions and safety procedure. Hearing, eye and foot protection is mandatory in the workshop area!

There are also two walk-in cold rooms with adjustable temperature controls. Keys for the chemical and equipment stores can be obtained from the technicians. Chemical use must be registered, and any equipment taken outside the School must be recorded in the Loans Book.

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