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Availability - Cass field station

11 August 2023

The teaching and research building sleeps up to 43. Check availability at the Cass field station.

Teaching & research building (sleeps up to 43)

Non-site specific use of the field station will be on an individual approval basis. Contact the Field Services Manager for assistance. 

Note: Due to a recent website rebuild the information below may not be accurate, if you have received confirmation of your booking it is in our system.

1-Nov-2322-Dec-23Spaces reserved for UC researchers7
4-Dec-238-Dec-23FM, contractor use, MMcK6
4-Dec-235-Dec-23BIOL, FERG research, NH4
4-Dec-236-Dec-23BIOL, FERG research, SB6
6-Dec-238-Dec-23Gateway Antartica, workshop, DL10
9-Dec-2314-Dec-23FineArts, research RM1
11-Dec-2315-Dec-23FM, contractor use, MMcK6
11-Dec-2315-Dec-23BIOL, FERG research, MK & LT5
12-Dec-2315-Dec-23BIOL, research, JG2
14-Dec-2315-Dec-23BIOL, workshop, KW10
13-Dec-2313-Dec-23Outreach, Summer Science Camp, MW80
15-Dec-2320-Dec-23BIOL, research, AMcI2
17-Dec-2319-Dec-23BIOL, FERG research, NH4
18-Dec-2320-Dec-23BIOL, FERG research, MK & LT5
22-Dec-233-Jan-24CLOSED, UC Summer breakfull
3-Jan-2430-Mar-24spaces reserved for UC researchers7
9-Jan-2412-Jan-24Landcare Research, JM. dates TBC7
16-Jan-2424-Jan-24BIOL305 teaching trip, PP32full
25-Jan-2429-Jan-24SEE, ENVR356 teaching trip, DG36full
29-Jan-244-Feb-24GEOL356 teaching trip, DG39full
29-Jan-244-Feb-24BIOL FERG research, NH5
7-Feb-249-Feb-24BIOL, research, JG3
12-Feb-2417-Feb-24GEOL352 teaching trip, TS25full
17-Feb-2423-Feb-24FM, Maintenance, JL7full
19-Feb-2423-Feb-24BIOL, FERG research, NH5
23-Feb-2425-Feb-24Science SA trip, CH30
25-Feb-2427-Feb-24FineArts, teaching trip LP35full
1-Mar-243-Mar-24Lincoln ENTO304, CV31
8-Mar-2410-Mar-24Science SA trip, CH - option 230
11-Mar-2413-Mar-24BIOL, workshop, HW10
13-Mar-2417-Mar-24LANDSAR, training, DH26
21-Mar-2425-Mar-24BIOL, research, JG2
26-Mar-243-Apr-24FM MaintenanceFull
3-Apr-248-Apr-24GEOG212 teaching trips, PZ-R43full
9-Apr-2418-Apr-24BIOL275 teaching trips, AMcI 43full 
18-Apr-2420-Apr-24FineArts, teaching workshop, LP39
24-Aug-248-Sep-24S2 break, reserved for UC teaching full
23-Aug-2425-Aug-24FORE, Planting Trip, DE25
26-Aug-241-Sep-24BIOL375 teaching trip. KD43 full
11-Sep-2415-Sep-24LANDSAR, training, DH26
18-Nov-2422-Nov-24WATR203 teaching trip, IBfull

* Provisional booking 

Any questions? Contact the Field Services Manager

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