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Disclose and Protect your Idea​

01 February 2024

If your research could solve a significant problem, have commercial value or be developed into a service or product, disclose your idea to the commercialisation team before publicly disclosing to ensure that your intellectual property can be protected.

Protecting Your Innovation Before Public Disclosure​

If your research has the potential for commercialisation, it is crucial to consider how protecting your intellectual property, such as through patent protection, can maximise its impact.

Revealing your work before protecting your intellectual property by public disclosing it, including through publications, conference proceedings, posters or public talks, may compromise the ability to fully protect it and diminish its potential for impact.

Engage with the Commercialisation team and disclose your idea or reach out to discuss protecting your research and commercialisation.


Submit an Invention Disclosure

Submitting an invention disclosure provides us with a confidential description of your innovation at its current stage. The information provided will assist us to evaluate the opportunity and collaboratively develop the commercialisation strategy and next steps including IP protection.

​Download an invention disclosure here (University of Canterbury Staff Only) or connect with the team.​

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