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New Zealand students

09 December 2023

WRC is always looking for New Zealand-based university postgraduate students who are currently studying and want to undertake wireless communication research; this research forms part of a student's postgraduate degree. We also provide a limited number of opportunities for internship and to those completing their last year of undergraduate engineering studies who have a particular interest in wireless research.

All of our student projects are industry-based and involve a collaboration between the student, WRC, industry partner and the academic(s). We have strong partnerships with many leading New Zealand technology and communication-based companies and have a steady flow of new projects that require student researchers.

As part of your project at WRC you may be entitled to a stipend (money) paid monthly to help subsidise your living costs whilst researching. You can also work in some of the University's newest and best office space. It is expected that you will spend a fair amount of your time here, so you can use the help of other students, IT, Centre Coordinator, and our experienced WRC Research Engineers when needed.

If you would like to undertake a postgraduate research project, preferably at a Masters or PhD level, please contact Adriel Kind.

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