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International students

09 December 2023
Undertaking a research project

If you are currently studying overseas and would like to undertake a research project at the Wireless Research Centre we can work with you to find a project that suits. You will need to fund your own expenses (accommodation, flights and living expenses such as food etc), however, we will provide you with an extremely modern university working environment and academic support from leading researchers in the wireless field.

We have a number of students that undertake these opportunities with us and who have found the experience very beneficial to them. If you are interested in undertaking a research project at our Centre, there are a number of things you will need to do:

1. Contact Anne Manuel, Administration Assistance, at with the following information:

    • Your qualifications to date and what degree(s) you currently have.
    • The papers you've taken and research projects you've undertaken to date.
    • Grades.
    • Current University/tertiary study organisation and the country it's in.
    • How well you speak English.
    • The area(s) of wireless communication that you want to focus on; if you have a specific project in mind please let us know.
    • When you would like to undertake the research project.

2. Ensure you can secure Visa access to New Zealand.
3. Read the information on fees, living costs and accommodation at our International Students website.

You also need to consider accommodation costs and availability before you come over. There are a number of options including staying at University of Canterbury student accommodation (this is not guaranteed and must be secured before arrival), flatting (it can be extremely hard to find a furnished student flat for a short term period) or homestays. To find out more see our full list of accommodation options for international students.

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