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LEAD Awards

10 January 2024

Members of the LEAD Institute have received awards for their work in Law, Emergencies, and Disasters. Have a look at our LEAD awards from the last few years.

2022 - New Zealand Risk Excellence Awards

Professor John Hopkins was part of a team led by Michael Nuth that received two awards: "Risk Initiative of the Year" and "Stronger Together in Partnership" for their project "Managing earthquake-prone council buildings: Balancing life safety risks and community costs" (30 March 2022).


2021 - QuakeCoRE Lightning Talks Judges' Award

Holly Faulkner presented at the QuakeCoRE 2021 Annual Meeting and received the Judges' Award for a Lightning Talk. 


2014 - RISK Awards

Professor Annick Masselot was part of the University of Canterbury research team that received the RISK Award: Best Project Proposal for Disaster Prevention 2014 from the Global Risk Forum Davos, UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) and the Munich Re Foundation from Knowledge to Action for the Life Long learning Jean Monnet project “Mainstreaming, Methodology and Human Rights in Disaster Risk Management: European Union and the Pacific” .

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