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Postgraduate opportunities

19 January 2024

The Spatial Engineering Research Centre (SERC) offers postgraduate scholarship opportunities to engage with industrial clients in postgraduate research. Check out our postgraduate opportunities.


The following postgraduate scholarship opportunities to engage with industrial clients in postgraduate research are available.

UAV application in the forestry sector (Cutover aerial survey - Stage Two)

This stage will continue the development of a UAV platform that can autonomously record the forest “cutover” geographic edge.

A dependable UAV based structure inspection system

To develop a guidance system for a UAV to keep a safe distance from the structure whilst collecting inspection image data. The ability to perform these tasks in adverse weather will enable more frequent and lower cost inspections.

System design of a remotely operated UAV within a segregated flight test range

This project will develop a demonstrative test system capable of performing a mission using remote staging of a multi-rotor UAV within segregated airspace: the project will culminate in the successful demonstration of multiple back to back long range flights and recharging cycles, at the SERC UAV test range, while entirely tele‑operated from the university campus.

Gateway Antarctica SERC sea ice UAV project

The current methods to measure sea ice are satellite remote sensing or helicopter-borne Electro-Magnetic (EM) field instruments flown at a low level. Space-based measurements have insufficient accuracy to measure freeboard heights, and helicopter operations are limited by weather and low flying height safety concerns. This project will investigate methods to design and build an EM instrument suitable for integration into an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) capable of being flown on long-range missions in the Arctic and Antarctic. Ideally, the same platform will be capable of carrying an instrument to simultaneously measure snow depth.

Future requirements for Study into security counter measures against Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Whilst UAS security incursions would invoke surveillance and targeting, the focus of this project will be on interdiction, and methods of neutralising the security threat, with components of evidence gathering.

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