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04 December 2023

PD-PCF is a multi-disciplinary research platform that unites experts and early-career researchers in studying public diplomacy and political communication. From books to articles, check out our PD-PCF research.



Special Issues
  • Chaban, P. Heinrichs, A. Miskimmon, B. O’Loughlin (eds.) (2021) Special Issue ‘Reimagining Europe: Youth narratives and perceptions. in Ukraine and the Baltic States”: Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 29 (4).

  • Chaban and J. Headley (eds.) (2021) Special Section “Perceptions of the EU in its Eastern Neighbourhood, 30 Years on from the Collapse of the Soviet Union”, European Foreign Affairs Review, 26(4)

  • N. Chaban and J. Headley (eds.) (forthcoming 2022) Special Section “Perceptions, Narratives and Attitudes: New Perspectives and Geographies in the Study of External Perceptions of the EU” European Foreign Affairs Review, 27(1).

  • N. Chaban, J. Osicka, V. Zapletalová and P. Heinrichs (2020), Special Issue “Narratives and perceptions of the EU: Images of the EU in the EU”, Australian and New Zealand Journal of European Studies, 12 (3).

  • N. Chaban, H. Mondry, E. Pavlov (eds.) (2020) Special Issue “The EU Baltic States, Russia and Ukraine: Mutual narratives and perceptions”, New Zealand Slavonic Journal.

  • N. Chaban and M. Knodt (eds.) (2019) Special Issue “New Opportunities for the EU-Canada Strategic Partnership”. Australian and NZ Journal of European Studies 11(3).

  • N. Chaban, A. Miskimmon, B. O’Loughlin (eds) (2019) Special Issue “Understanding the scope and limits of EU diplomacy - Connecting strategic narrative to EU external perceptions research”, European Security 28(3).

Articles in the refereed journals
  • Chaban N. and Headley J. (2023) Responsibility not to be silent: Academic knowledge production about the war against Ukraine and knowledge diplomacy.Journal of International Relations and Development,

  • Chaban, N. (2023) Collaborative Settings of Co-Creation: Knowledge Diplomacy and Pedagogical Thinking in Communication. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication

  • Chaban, N., Zhabotynska, M. Knodt (2023) What makes strategic narrative efficient: Ukraine on Russian e-news platforms. Cooperation and Conflict, first online

  • Chaban and O. Elgström(2023) Russia’s War in Ukraine and Transformation of EU Public Diplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities, Journal of European Integration 45(3), 521-537.

  • Chaban, N. and O. Elgström(2022) “Critical Expectation Gaps: Advancing Theorization of the Perceptual Approach in EU Foreign Policy Studies”, JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, doi:

  • Chaban, N. and J. Headley (2022) “Introducing new perspectives and geographies in the study of external perceptions of the EU”, European Foreign Affairs Review 27(1), 57-60.

  • Chaban, P. Heinrichs, A. Miskimmon, and B. O’Loughlin (2021) “Introduction to the Special Issue: Reimagining Europe? Youth Narratives and Perceptions in Ukraine and the Baltic States”, Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 29(4), 281-302
  • Chaban, and V. Velivchenko (2021) “Friends, Supporters, and Allies? Understanding IR Roles through Metaphor Scenarios”, Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 29(4) 381-408, first online

  • Matheson, D. L. J. Kenix, Chaban (2021), “Ukraine through a Baltic Lens: Regional Networks of Meanings”, Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 29 (4), 353-380, first on line

  • N. Chaban and O. Elgström (2021) “Politicization of EU development policy: The role of EU external perceptions (case of Ukraine)”, Journal of Common Market Studies (in the Special Issue “Politicization of EU external action – European development policy at the crossfire”), 59(1), 143-160.

  • Chaban and S. Lucarelli (2021) “Reassessing external images of the EU: Evolving narratives in times of crisis” European Foreign Policy Review (in the Special Issue dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the EEAS), 26(1), 177-196.

  • N. Chaban and L. Whitten (2021) “Youth Perceptions of the EU and the Baltic States in Ukraine: Emotive Attitudes and Images”, European Foreign Affairs Review 26(4), 599–628.

  • N. Chaban and J. Headley (2021) “Perceptions of the EU in its Eastern Neighbourhood, 30 Years On from the Collapse of the Soviet Union”, European Foreign Affairs Review 26(04).

  • Chaban and O Elgström (2020) “A Perceptual Approach to EU Public Diplomacy: Investigating Collaborative Diplomacy in EU-Ukraine Relations”, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 15(4), 488-516.

  • Heinrichs, P., Chaban, Osicka, J., Zapletalova, V. (2020) Changing realities, changing narratives? A narrative reading of EU perceptions in a changing Europe”, Australian and New Zealand Journal of European Studies 12(3), 553–558.

  • Chaban, N., H. Mondry, E. Pavlov (2019-2020), “30 Years after the Breakup of the USSR: Russia and Post-Soviet Europe, Narratives and Perceptions. Special Issue Introduction”, New Zealand Slavonic Journal, 53-54, 5-18.
  • Chaban, N., S. Zhabotynska, A. Chaban (2019-2020) “Visual and Emotive: Russian E-news Coverage of Ukraine's No-visa Entry into the EU”, New Zealand Slavonic Journal, 53-54 147-173.
  • N. Chaban (2019) ‘Perceptions, expectations, motivations: Evolution of Canadian views on the EU’.  Australian and New Zealand Journal of European Studies 11(3), 45-62.

  • M. Knodt and N. Chaban (2020) "New Opportunities for the EU-Canada Strategic Partnership" Australian and New Zealand Journal of European Studies 11(3), 3-17.

  • N. Chaban, Miskimmon A. and O'Loughlin B. (2019) “Strategic Narratives and Perceptions of the EU in Ukraine, Israel and Palestine”. European Security 28(3), 235-250,

  • N. Chaban, M. Knodt, S. Liekis, I. NG (2019) “Narrators’ Perspectives: Communicating the EU in Ukraine, Israel and Palestine in Times of Conflict”. European Security 28(3), 304-322

  • N. Chaban, O. Elgström, M. Knodt (2019) 'Perceptions of EU mediation and mediation effectiveness: Comparing perspectives from Ukraine and the EU', Cooperation and Conflict, 54 (4): 506-523

Chapters in edited volumes
  • Chaban, N. and S. Zhabotynska (forthcoming) Narratives of Ukraine on the information battlefields of global media”, in Knodt and C. Wiesner (eds) The War Against Ukraine and the EU - Facing New Realities. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • N. Chaban, L.J. Kenix, S. Betlyukova 2023 Framing Foreign Policy in Media: The Impact of Local vs. International News Sources (case-study of the EU’s Migration Crisis), F. Ostermann and P. Mello (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Foreign Policy Analysis Methods.

  • J. Speyer, N. Chaban, A. Niemann (forthcoming 2021) International Perceptions of Brexit in Benjamin Leruth, Stefan Gänzle and Jarle Trondal (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Differentiation in the European Union,  Routledge.

  • Chaban and O. Elgström (2021), “Theorizing External Perceptions of the EU”, in S. Gstöhl and M. Schunz (eds.), Studying the EU's external action: concepts, approaches, theories, Palgrave, 265-277

  • N. Chaban and Bain J. (2021) Sustainable Europe: Narrative Potential in the EU’s Political Communication. In: Knodt M., Kemmerzell J. (eds) Handbook of Energy Governance in Europe. Springer, Cham.
  • N. Chaban, A. Niemann, J. Spreyer (2020) “External Perceptions of the EU at Times of Uncertainty Post-Brexit Referendum: Conclusions”  in Chaban, N., A. Niemann, J. Speyer (eds.) Changing perceptions of the EU at times of Brexit:  Global Perspectives, Abington and NY: Routledge, 281-296.

  • N. Chaban and M. Knodt (2020) “Perceptions of the EU in Ukraine after “Brexit” referendum: Images of capabilities and opportunities” in Chaban, N., A. Niemann, J. Speyer (eds.) Changing perceptions of the EU at times of Brexit:  Global Perspectives, Abington and NY: Routledge, 78-95.

  • J. Speyer, N. Chaban, A. Niemann, (2020) “The EU as an international actor after Brexit”, in Chaban, N., A. Niemann, J. Speyer (eds.) Changing perceptions of the EU at times of Brexit:  Global Perspectives, Abington and NY: Routledge, 1-24.

  • N. Chaban and I. Sabatovych (2020) “The past and the future of Ukraine’s Europeanisation: Tracing images of the EU as a normative actor and influence in Ukraine post-Maidan”, in Alessandro Achilli, Serhy Yekelchyk and Dmytro Yesypenko (eds.) Cossacks in Jamaica, Ukraine at the Antipodes: Essays in Honor of Marko Pavlyshyn. Academic Studies Press.

  • Kelly, S., F. Doser and N. Chaban (2021) “Shifting frames: images of Brexit in NZ and possible consequences” in K. Haba and M. Holland (eds.) Brexit and After, Springer, pp.159-179.

  • N. Chaban, S. Kelly and A-M. Brady (2019) “Small States in a New Era of Public Diplomacy: New Zealand and Digital Diplomacy” in A.-M. Brady (ed.) Small States and the Changing Global Order. Springer, Cham: 75-89.
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