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Our team

19 January 2024

Meet our 3D-printed porous media team and get in touch if you have any questions.

Postgraduate students
  • Simon Reid (PhD) '3D-printed catalysts for green spacecraft propulsion'
  • Yuanjun (Bessie) Pei (PhD) 'Fabrication of Printed Uniform Monolith for Protein Chromatography'
  • Luckmore Kadzungura (PhD) 'Simulation of flow, heat and mass in 3D printed porous structures'
  • Mathew Hawken (PhD) 'Experimental investigation of heat transfer in 3D printed heat exchangers by MRI'
  • Sobhan Latifi (PhD) 'Optimising triply periodic minimal surfaces for fluid flow and 3D printing' - University of Otago
  • Zeinab Rahnama (PhD)


  • Sean Feast (PhD) 'Development & Upscaling of 3D printed Chromatography Columns for Virus Purification' - now at Precision Chroma Ltd
  • Fabian Dolamore (PhD) 'In Silico Analysis of Flow and Dispersion in Ordered Porous Media' - now at Precision Chroma Ltd
  • Anne Gordon (PhD) 'Development, Functionalisation, and Characterisation of Triply Periodic Minimum Surface Hydrogels for Solid-Tolerant Chromatography'
  • Harshal Panidepu (PhD) 'In silico modelling of soft tissue scaffolds'
  • Ben Houlton (ME) 'Enhancing Packed Bed Geometry Using Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations'
  • Hossein Najaf Zadeh (PhD) '3-dimentional printing of high-resolution hydrogels by a high-speed process using negative templating'
  • Michelle Kramer (PhD) 'Designing novel monolithic substrates for process intensification using additive manufacturing'
  • Roya Rezanavaz (PhD) '3D Printing of Porous Polymeric Materials for Stationary Phases of Chromatography Columns'
  • Suhas Nawada (PhD) 'The Use of 3D-Printing in the Study of Chromatographic Packed Bed Microstructures'
  • Ben Reynolds (PhD) 'Simulation of flow and heat transfer in 3D printable triply periodic minimal surface heat exchangers'
  • Navid Erfani (PhD) 'A Novel Method to Design Monolithic Catalyst for Non-Isothermal Packed Bed Reactors'
  • Anastassiya Lazareva (ME) 'Investigation into Development of Thermoresponsive Chromatography Columns Using 3D-printed Ordered Structures Based on Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces'
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