Martin Fisher

Senior LecturerDr Martin Fisher

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Internal Phone: 95524


Research Interests

Martin’s current research interests lie in the areas of colonial and modern histories of Crown-Maori interactions, the Treaty of Waitangi claims process, and indigenous sovereignty in a global context.

Recent Publications

  • Fisher M. (2020) A Long Time Coming The Story of Ngai Tahu's Treaty Settlement Negotiations with the Crown. 224.
  • Tau RT. and Fisher M. (2017) Fulfilling Kemp's Deed: Tuahiwi and Land Title Reform. In Pickles CG; Fraser L; Hill M (Ed.), History Making a Difference: New Approaches from Aotearoa: 18-38.Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Fisher M. (2016) Waikato-Tainui and Ngai Tahu's Treaty-settlement negotiations with the Crown. In Adds P; Bonisch-Brednich B; Hill RS; Whimp G (Ed.), Reconciliation, Representation and Indigeneity: 'Biculturalsim' in Aotearoa New Zealand: 111-126. Heidelberg: Universitatsverlag Winter.
  • Fisher M. (2023) "The Ngai Tahu settlement and Rangatiranga" (Forthcoming). Canterbury Law Review.
  • Fisher M. (2023) "The return of Tutaepatu lagoon" (Forthcoming). Journal of New Zealand Studies (NS36).