Adaptive learning technologies puts students on path to success

29 April 2022

#KiaAngitu. Rosie Cameron is on a mission to ensure students are on the right path for success as they work towards a STEM degree. She uses adaptive learning technologies in a foundational mathematics course to meet the diverse learning needs of incoming students, helping them to fill knowledge gaps in prerequisite skills and become more independent learners.

SDG 17

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 - Parternships for the Goals

Rosie, a mathematics pūkenga | lecturer at the University of Canterbury (UC), received a scholarship for the Distributed Leadership in Teaching Development Programme in 2020 to explore tools and methods that have potential applications to a redesigned MATH101, and then got to work on redesigning the foundational course.

She has identified adaptive learning as a tool that provides students with targeted remediation and automated support. Using this in the updated course, students find themselves in a better position to master initial, prerequisite content and then build on these acquired skills as they encounter content that is more complex.

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