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Emergency plans

19 November 2023

UC is a complex organisation with lots of people on campus at a time. Check out our emergency plans.


UC is a complex organisation with a large body of people potentially on campus at any one time.

In addition, it has responsibility for significant property within the South Island and its outreach facilities across New Zealand.

The PDF files on this page detail the management process for any incident on UC property.

Emergency Management Plan

UC Emergency Management Plan [PDF 2.3MB]

Student Incident Response Plan (SIRP)

Student Incident Response Plan (SIRP) (PDF 560KB)

UC Weather Plan

UC Weather Plan (PDF 328KB)

Field Stations and Outreach Facilities

Emergency Management Plans for the University’s extensive network of field stations have been developed by the Field Services Manager, Jenny Ladley. Jenny can be contacted by email at

For any further information about the facilities, please see the Field Facilities Centre website.

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