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Zoom FAQs

07 November 2023

From security to updates, check out our Zoom FAQs.

Is Zoom secure?

UC IT architecture and security teams have reviewed thoroughly the security issues that were in the news in late March 2020 along with the software updates that Zoom have quickly resolved, and are confident in continuing to recommend staff and students use Zoom as a video collaboration platform for online teaching and meeting use. See

To easily enhance your security options in meetings you host or create, you can easily enable features such as passwords, locking meetings, and waiting rooms. To learn more about this, see the securing meeting room section.

If you have any queries or would like further advice & information, please contact


How do I update to the latest version?

To ensure you get the best security protection, please make sure you are running the latest Zoom version.

Why does UC use Zoom?

Zoom is currently the most commonly used video conferencing platform amongst Universities across the world, and especially throughout Australasia. It is very easy to learn, use, and connect to people. 

UC usage statistics for 2020 Q1 (Jan - March) to date:

  • 7,969 UC staff and students logged into Zoom on UC campus
  • 33,616 unique meetings were held
  • 89,684 participants connected meetings
  • 3,052,422 meeting minutes associated to UC staff and students for the year

Feedback from UC staff and students to date based on nearly 11,000 responses for Q1, 2020 show that 96.8% of staff and students have a positive experience using Zoom.

Zoom Feedback

Although there are other video conferencing options available freely for UC staff and students to use, Zoom is currently the preferred video conferencing solution at UC and is supported on campus. 


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing platform solution that easily allow users to connect to each other.

Benefits of using Zoom include:

  • Full HD video, audio, content
  • Collaboration – Allows collaboration with up to 300 participants, including chat, annotation, whiteboarding, and breakout rooms.
  • Screen and application sharing – Presenters can share their whole desktop or individual applications either via HDMI connection, or wirelessly cast to screen or meeting.
  • Scheduling – Browser, client, and plugin scheduling options, including delegation for co-hosts and schedulers.
  • Recording – Record meetings via the cloud or locally with ability to share link and modify viewing permissions. Also upload to Learn, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, or Youtube.
  • Large room and webinar – Zoom sessions can be expanded to allow larger groups, up to 500 interactive participants in Large Rooms or 10,000 viewers via Zoom Webinars. Sign up features, moderator abilities, QA options.
  • Breakout rooms - For breakout discussions in large teaching situations
  • Cross platform - Works seamlessly on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux with same user experience
  • Mobile devices – Feature-rich mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Telephone - Dial in / out functionality for mobile and landline phone users 
  • Security - end-to-end encryption and compliance


Can I run Zoom when connected to my work remote desktop?

No, we do not recommend running Zoom if you are connecting into your work computer via Remote Desktop. Zoom is not designed to work under those situations. Always install Zoom natively on the computer that you are using.

The Zoom application is designed to work natively on most computers, laptops, tablets etc and from pretty much any internet connection in the world. 


Does Zoom work from China?

Yes! You can successfully connect to students and users in China, and vice versa, users from China can connect into UC Zoom meetings. Zoom works through the China firewall without any extra intervention or VPN usage.


Who can use it?

All UC staff, students, and affiliates have access to Zoom which is automatically provisioned the first time you login using your UC credentials through the Zoom application. To login, go to


Is there a cost to use Zoom?

Zoom video conferencing is free to use for all UC staff and students as UC has a site wide license. This means all staff and students automatically receive a license and unlimited usage when they sign into Zoom using their UC credentials at .

This applies to all existing accounts as well as anyone logging into Zoom for the first time with the following email address domains



What's the difference between 'Zoom' and 'Zoom Rooms'?

'Zoom' as a tool is generally used from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone and its application can be easily downloaded.

'Zoom Room' is an all-in-one solution for physical meeting spaces enabling users to walk in, enter their meeting id, and easily connect. Users can also easily share their laptops and devices to the screen via HDMI cable or wirelessly. Zoom Rooms is designed to make it extremely easy for turning your meeting room into a video conferencing room.

Where are Zoom Rooms located on UC campus?

To find a list of Zoom Room enabled meeting rooms on campus, please click here.

Still Need Help?

 For urgent support, please contact us.
 For non-urgent support, please log a ticket.

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