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Hosting a Zoom meeting

07 November 2023

From security and moderator controls to viewing options, find out about hosting a Zoom meeting.

Securing your meeting

In conjunction with the information in the video above, there are some additional steps you can take to ensure your Zoom teaching session is not interrupted by uninvited participants joining.

The steps below will walk you through steps to take if you are creating a new Zoom session in LEARN or directly via the Zoom client or portal. 

Some of your students may be using non-university zoom accounts. Please refer them to the Getting Started section on how to login into Zoom at UC.


Step 1 - Authentication Enabled by Default when scheduling a Zoom meeting in LEARN

To protect you Zoom session against inappropriate participants joining we highly recommend selecting the "Only authenticated users can join" option when creating a new Zoom session. If you are scheduling a Zoom meeting in LEARN this option will be enabled by default.

After ticking the option for "Only authenticated users can join", you can then select the "UC Staff & Students Only" option from the drop-down menu, which is the default option.

Zoom Authentication

If you have external guests who do not have university accounts attending your Zoom sessions you can click on the "edit" option and add the domain name of their email to the list of acceptable domains.


Step 2 - Disable screen sharing for participants

When you start a meeting in Zoom, you can also disable the ability for participants to share their screen. You can do this by selecting the 'Security' icon, and unticking the 'Allow participants to share screen' option. 

This will mean that only the host will have the ability to share their screen. This setting can be turned on or off at any time during the meeting.

Zoom Share Screen
Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

There are a few different ways you can schedule a meeting in Zoom.

  • Schedule via the Zoom desktop client
  • Schedule via the Zoom web portal
  • Schedule via the Outlook plugin
  • Schedule via LEARN

The video below gives a basic overview on how to schedule a meeting.

To learn more details about how to schedule a zoom meeting, please see the Scheduling Meetings - Zoom Support page


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