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Card replacement and security

03 August 2023

If your Canterbury Card is lost, stolen, or faulty, you need to get it replaced. Find out about card replacement and security.

Lost, stolen and faulty cards

To replace and cancel a Canterbury Card, visit the Security Office. Replacement cards cost $20.

Faulty cards, and those with fair wear and tear, will be replaced free of charge.

Stolen Cards will also be replaced free of charge if a police report is provided 


For safety and security do not let others use your Canterbury Card.

The Canterbury Card should be treated with care:

  • Stickers, holes, creases, cuts or breaks will render the card inoperable. 
  • The card should not be left in direct sunlight or on a heater. 
  • The card should be kept away from magnetic fields and other bank cards, which contain magnetic strips.

These simple precautions will protect the card and its functionality.

Terms and conditions

The University of Canterbury, the Canterbury Card system providers or their agents will not be held liable for any loss or damage arising out of or as a consequence of the issue or use of a Canterbury Card (or any other card) by the cardholder or any other person or be held liable to account for any funds held on behalf of the Canterbury Card system users.

The Canterbury Card remains the property of the University of Canterbury. The University of Canterbury reserves the right to cancel or confiscate the Canterbury Card.

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