Accommodation for couples or families

Accommodation may be harder to find for couples or families, so you should start exploring your options early. 

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Accommodation on-campus in apartments and houses is available, however, options are in high demand and include:

  • Graduate House - a small number of ensuite (own bathroom) as well as rooms with shared bathrooms located on the edge of campus for postgraduate students (2019 only).
  • Hayashi - 10 self-contained studio units for students in their second year of study and beyond.
  • Kirkwood Flats - 2 self-contained studio units, 2 1-bedroom units and 6 larger 1-bedroom flats.
  • University Hall - 3 self-contained 1-bedroom units.
  • Waimairi Village - 15 self-contained four-bedroom shared houses - each house can accommodate one couple in a premium double room with shared bathroom.

Wtih the exception of Kirkwood Flats, all rates include electricity and you have on-site support available 24/7.  All self-contained units are non-renewable contracts for 50 weeks.

Couples and Family AccommodationResidential Fee (2019)Residential Fee (2020)Deposit

Graduate House (Couples Only)
Double Room with Shared Bathroom
Double Room with Ensuite (own bathroom)


Not offered
Not offered


Hayashi (Couples Only)
Studio Unit 




Kirkwood Flats (Couples and Families)
Studio Unit 
1 Bedroom Unit
1 Bedroom Flat (can accommodate a young child)

$12,500 + power charged monthly

$13,000 + power charged monthly


University Hall (Couples Only)
1 Bedroom Unit

$16,120 (52 weeks)

$16,000 (50 weeks)


Waimairi Village (Couples Only)
Double Room with Shared Bathroom 




To apply, please complete an online application form.  Applicants must select the term "Couples/Family Accommodation" and apply for a room type. As these options are in high demand, it is likely you will also need to investigate renting privately.  


Limited fully-furnished and self-contained units may be available for small families at Kirkwood Flats.  To apply, please complete an online application form selecting the term "Couples/Family Accommodation" and apply for a "Self-contained unit - 1 bedroom" as your first preference. As these options are in high demand, priority will be given to international students who are new to New Zealand.  It is likely you will also need to investigate .

Please ensure you book child care early, if required, as places are limited.

Renting privately

Most couples and families will be required to source an apartment or house off-campus on arrival in Christchurch. Market rent in Christchurch can be found on the Tenancy Services website and will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.  Please note that these rates do not differentiate between furnished or unfurnished or the condition of the room or property.  You will need to factor in set up costs into your budget (for an empty house this can be up to 4 weeks' rent as bond and 1-2 weeks' rent in advance plus power and internet) as well as ongoing monthly expenses such as power, internet, transport, food, and contents/liability insurance.  

You should not sign a contract or agreement without viewing a property personally, therefore, we recommend that you arrange temporary accommodation for when you first arrive in Christchurch to enable you time to find a property that you will be happy in.  For families, we recommend arriving on your own first as temporary accommodation can be booked on campus at Sonoda Christchurch Campus whilst you find a suitable house to enable your family to join you. Temporary accommodation for a single person at Sonoda is NZ$283 per week.  Temporary accommodation for a family can be very expensive.

If you are interested in a fully-furnished Twin Studio Unit, Double Studio Unit, or Two Bedroom Unit just 10 minutes' walk from campus, please contact Christchurch Student Accommodation located at 252 Riccarton Road at or apply online.

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For assistance with finding suitable accommodation contact Accommodation Services/Te Ratonga Nohonga.