Sarah Whitcombe-Dobbs

Senior LecturerSarah Whitcombe-Dobbs

Rehua 305
Phone: +64336
Internal Phone: 90122


Research Interests

Sarah is interested in severe conduct problems, complex developmental and mental health assessment and intervention, and the effects of early childhood trauma. Her current focus of research is in assessment and intervention with families who have involvement with child protection services.

Recent Publications

  • Roche L., McLay L., Sigafoos J. and Whitcombe-Dobbs S. (2022) A review of behavioral treatments for sleep disturbances in civilians who have experienced trauma. Behavioral Interventions 37(3): 835-863.
  • Whitcombe-Dobbs S. (2022) Decision-making and intervention with families who have ongoing involvement with Child Protection Services.. Kempe 2022 A Call to Action, 4 Oct 2022.
  • Whitcombe-Dobbs S. (2022) Effective engagement and assessment with CPS-involved families: principles and practicalities.. In.
  • McLay L., van Deurs J., Gibbs R. and Whitcombe-Dobbs S. (2021) Empirically Supported Strategies for Teaching Personal Hygiene Skills to People with Intellectual Disabilities. Adaptive Behavior Strategies for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: 47-72.Springer International Publishing.
  • Whitcombe-Dobbs S., Tarren-Sweeney M. and Schluter P. (2021) Attachment representations and reflective functioning among parents involved with Child Protection Services: Do they predict ongoing harm? In.