Summer School students

Preparatory options over Summer

The University offers opportunities to catch up, or refresh your knowledge and skills in key subject areas. Whether you have just finished school, or are returning to study after a break, the thought of starting University in February can be a bit daunting. Doing one of these courses before you start can boost your confidence and expertise and familiarise you with the campus and online learning environment at UC.

The following options are available over summer:

Certificate in University Preparation (CUP)

6 November 2023 to 11 February 2024

This certificate starts in November and runs through to mid-February. You will develop key numeracy and literacy skills and cover subject knowledge that are designed to prepare you for your degree study. A full time student should complete four courses over the summer, which are taught in two six week blocks; two in the first half offered over the November/ December Summer School and two in the second over the January/ February Summer School. Successful completion of the certificate meets University Entry requirements.



1 January (classes commence 3 January when UC opens) to 11 February 2024

This option is ideal for students who don’t need University Entry and just want to brush up on one or two subjects before starting their degree in February. By enrolling in this at the same time as your degree, the summer enrolment can be included in your first year of full time study.


The Fast Path to Engineering and Product Design

6 November 2023 to 11 February 2024

While the Fast Path to Engineering and Product Design started with preliminary Maths and Physics courses offered by Hagley College in July, there is still an opportunity for students who meet certain criteria to enrol in Headstart courses in Calculus (TRNS017), Physics (TRNS008), and Chemistry (TRNS006). Successful completion of these courses can boost your enrolment into higher level first year Engineering courses or prepare you for study in Product Design.


Summer Law

1 January (classes commence 3 January when UC opens) to 11 February 2024

A Summer Law course (TRNS012 - An Invitation to Law) is offered every year in January to give students a background to how law works, what is expected of Law students at UC and to introduce students to some of the key concepts in LAWS101. This year this course is available as part of Headstart course options.