Experience ‘on the job’

Experience on the job

Our students are ready to start work the minute they graduate.

Hit the ground running

Students start developing workplace skills from the moment they begin their degree making them more industry-ready by the time they graduate. We teach you the professional skills you need when you start work – skills like communication and report writing, to issues such as ethics, sustainability, safety, and interactions with customers and clients.

Real-world problem solving

Our graduates acquire all-roundedness, by combining the applied side of learning of labs and projects, balanced with academic theory, hands-on design, and industry projects. They learn to solve problems in real-world projects and have the opportunity to work for companies while they are still students, gaining a competitive edge.

Work placements

Practical work placements are an integral part of the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours and Bachelor of Forestry Science degrees. As an Engineering student or Forestry Science student, you will complete 90-100 days of practical work experience for a company or organisation. Work is generally done over the summers and is paid. Students often work for 1–2 companies during their practical work experience, allowing them to gain valuable skills in industry while studying. This often leads to job opportunities upon graduating. Their time in industry helps them to develop skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Experience on the job - Sarah

Sarah de Gouw

Studying towards a Bachelor of Forestry Science

“I’ve worked the last two summers for the same company out in Rangiora. The first summer I was mostly shadowing people and finding out how the company operates. The following summer, I had real projects, like harvest planning and calculating the carbon footprint for the shipping side of the business. I went up to the head o'ce in Auckland and worked for the export team. I got to meet the CEO and all the big shots which was cool! They gave me a lot of responsibility. I had my own ute to use and I was included in all the meetings. I really felt like part of the team.”