Industry collaboration

All Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Software Engineering students are required to complete a final year research project. Sponsoring a final year project offers industry partners the opportunity to develop a project of use to their organisation which has a much greater value than the donation we require.

Research projects could be a backburner plan that lacks funding or an extension to a current project with the potential to add significant value.

How it works

  • Industry sponsors submit an expression of interest, usually by January 31 of the relevant year.
  • UC will provide a team of final year students (from one to four people), an academic supervisor, departmental laboratories and resources and technical staff.
  • Sponsors make a donation of $2500 + GST per student to the Canterbury Foundation.
  • Projects run during the academic year from February to October with students presenting sponsors with a report and final presentation upon completion. We also host a final year conference at which students present their work.

Types of projects

  • Mobile apps
  • Computer vision applications
  • Technology evaluation and assessment
  • Route mapping
  • Web applications
  • Cyber security
  • Computer graphics
  • Data analysis and visualisation applications
  • Applications that use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Educational or training software apps
  • Virtual reality

Benefits for industry sponsors

  • Advanced projects for minimal investment
  • Mentoring opportunities to steer the project for maximum benefit to your company
  • Establishing a network with our department for future collaboration
  • Identification of top graduates for recruitment
  • Developing students for summer internships
  • Contributing to the University for the benefit of wider Canterbury

2019 Student Projects

More information

Contact Fabian Gilson, Software Engineering Capstone Project Coordinator.