The Institute is collaborative in its design and its function, and co-constructs its projects with partner organisations and communities of interest.

The Institute embraces the premises of Vision Mātauranga and builds on the learnings from the A Better Start National Science Challenge to encourage innovation and meaningful impact from our research endeavours. We ensure cultural safety in all our work with particular regard to the needs of Māori and Pasifika communities.

The Institute also aims to support the development of emerging researchers and foster interdisciplinary research, working in constructive and collaborative ways to build teams for research bids and project work. The skills and knowledge of staff within the Institute are harnessed to ensure digital technology is at the leading edge in terms of project design, project execution, dissemination of research outputs to community members, policy funders, and global audiences.

The Research Institute will focus around four major themes with a range of strands weaving across themes. The major themes will be focused around our tamariki and youth in the following areas: 

Theme Leaders

Brigid McNeill

Associate Professor
Rehua 519
Internal Phone: 93685

John Everatt

Rehua 409
Internal Phone: 93705

Theme Leaders

Julia Rucklidge

Professor of Clinical Psychology
Psychology 465
Internal Phone: 94398

Theme Leaders

Yvonne Crichton-Hill

Senior Lecturer
Social Work Programme Coordinator
Music 107
Internal Phone: 94328

Dr Laurie McLay

Associate Professor
Programme Coordinator - Specialist Teaching
Rehua 303
Internal Phone: 93522

Letitia Fickel

Amorangi Taupua
Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education, Health & Human Development
UC Child Well-being Research Institute Social and Emotional Well-being Theme Leader
Rehua 220
Internal Phone: 95796

Theme Leaders

Philip Schluter

Leader of the Child Population Health Theme
Manawa 405H
Internal Phone: 93523

A range of Research groups contribute to the Institute.