Change Management

The growing need for organisations to embrace a change-orientated culture, with a focus on organisational digital maturity in its processes, products/services, business models and people, can create challenges for Leadership and Senior Management Teams. We can work with your business or organisation to help your teams understand both “traditional” change management practices and how best to implement them effectively, as well as understand new developments in the field, and how these relate to organisational resilience, particularly in light of the disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to working with your business or organisation we would first consult with your team to understand the specific challenges you are facing and adapt our engagement to deliver the outcomes you seek to achieve.

Find out more about how we can run this bespoke training inside your business by contacting us.

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If you are interested in Change Management for your business, contact Liz Foxwell-Canning for more information. 

Liz Foxwell-Canning

Director, Executive Education and Industry Programmes
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