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Strategic Agility

17 August 2023

For senior leadership teams embarking on their Agile journey, we can tailor a programme to start the process of planning for unexpected disruption. Check out our fully customisable 'Strategic Agility' executive education programme. 


We will help your team to:

  • Understand how to make good decisions, despite the future being unpredictable, full of risk and uncertainty
  • Ingrain this approach into your organisation's DNA
  • Make strategy design and execution one and the same
  • Understand and prepare for changes to your market with a documented and practised Lean-Agile approach to Strategy Agility.

This will better prepare you for unexpected disruption and mean you can execute on plans quickly therefore achieving impact more rapidly. 



  • Our approach is to equip your people with skills in line with the principle of “teaching a person to fish” rather than “giving them a fish”
  • Firstly we will give the team some pre-thinking to do and ask them to share their thoughts at the beginning of the session
  • During the morning we will facilitate a conversation about potential risks to the business that could be on the horizon and then deploy a democratic process of choosing which single one of these issues will be tackled in the workshop
  • We will take the team through a process using various canvasses to tackle the selected opportunity or risk
  • We will return after an agreed period of time has passed (for example, 1, 2 or 3 weeks) depending on the issue being addressed and follow up on the solutions and approaches to ensure their effectiveness.

If this course would be of interest to your business

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