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Managing Risk and Complexity

17 August 2023

Our 'Managing Risk and Complexity' bespoke executive education programme can help your organisation turn risk management into a competitive advantage. Find out more.


Let us help you turn risk management into a competitive advantage for your organisation.

This bespoke training is for senior leaders of organisations and their teams who are facing a rapidly changing and complex strategic environment with a range of risks. You will walk away with a better understanding of the role that risk plays in your environment and how it can be turned into a strategic advantage, gaining both theory and practical tools to apply.

We will work with you to tailor the course to the needs of your organisation.


We will help your team to:

  • Understand that risk cannot always be controlled.
  • Expand their thinking to understand risk models which go beyond traditional assumptions that risks tend to concentrate near the average and extreme events are rare when they are, in fact, common.
  • Create the conditions to turn risk management into a competitive advantage.
  • Move beyond crisis management and being reactive to a constantly changing environment to a pro-active position.
  • Build the capabilities needed to take your organisation forward – even when the future is unknown, complex and constantly in flux.


This is an interactive programme, with a mix of ‘teaching’ and hands-on learning. We will use real-world issues from your organisation and environment and use frameworks to examine risks.

You will be introduced to the 'Safe-to-Fail' methodology that will help you approach risks through multiple small actions to learn where new possibilities lie.

Find out more about how we can run this bespoke training for your business by contacting us.

If this course would be of interest to your business

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