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Design Thinking

17 August 2023

Design Thinking is a people-centric, collaborative, optimistic, experimental way of working to solve complex problems. UC's 'Design Thinking' workshops provide bespoke training inside your business or organisation. Find out more.


Design Thinking's pragmatic approach aims to nurture deep curiosity about an issue, unleash creativity in how to approach it, and ensure clarity when it comes to implementing a solution.

During our Design Thinking Workshops, we introduce a process that can be used to approach problems with this new perspective. We work with a lot of new tools and techniques that will help teams collaborate in more creative ways, and we tackle a real business/organisational issue to show how this method can be practically applied.

This workshop can be delivered over one or two days, depending on the depth and intensity of learning that’s needed, and the prior exposure of the team.

Find out more about how we can run this bespoke training inside your business by contacting us.

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