Sanna Malinen

Associate ProfessorSanna Malinen

Meremere 337
Internal Phone: 93787

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I research in the fields of organisational behaviour and social psychology. Some of my current research projects focus on community and workplace wellbeing, values in environmental management, innovation uptake, disaster management and employee and organisational resilience.

Recent Publications

  • Lee K., Malinen SK. and Nilakant V. (2023) The dynamics of cross-sector collaboration in disasters. Disaster Prevention and Management.
  • Nikkanen M., Malinen S. and Laurikainen H. (2023) What drives feelings of responsibility for disaster preparedness? A case of power failures in Finland and New Zealand. Risk, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy
  • Plimmer G., Berman EM., Malinen S., Franken E., Naswall K., Kuntz J. and Löfgren K. (2022) Resilience in Public Sector Managers. Review of Public Personnel Administration 42(2): 338-367.
  • Woodford SD., Wordsworth R. and Malinen S. (2022) Does My Tattoo Matter? Impact of tattoos in Employee Selection. New Zealand Journal of Human Resources Management 22(1): 1-14.
  • Bataille CY., Malinen SK., Yletyinen J., Scott N. and Lyver POB. (2021) Relational values provide common ground and expose multi-level constraints to cross-cultural wetland management. People and Nature 3(4): 941-960.